It’s a wild time to be alive. Bold choices are in order.

My birthday week is complete. Usually, we’d be packing up the Pay What You Wish banners. But that was the old way. I’m daring myself to take this further. We’ll see what happens. So! I’m leaving the Pay What You Wish doors open through June.

This is my personal radical experiment in heart centred economics. The patriarchal mindset is always looking to get a deal, it’s exploitative and domineering. My purpose for money is for my team to be well, to continue creating, and to fund world-healing causes.

Let’s see how this unfold.

We put together a list of our favourite offerings. You’ll find Staff Picks (and more) in the Pay What You Wish Shop.


Dee Bailey, Chief Operating Officer
My fave digi product is the Fire Starter Sessions Audio Course! When I first learned about Danielle’s work, I was running two multi-million dollar start-ups. The audio course helped me root deeper into my heart, while keeping an eye on profits.

Jenn Orajay, Operations Manager
The Credo for Making it Happen from the Fire Starter Sessions Audio Course captured my heart since day one. Whether in business/career, or whenever you feel insecure or doubtful, this mantra gives you the push you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Jess Lentine, Graphic Designer
The offering that’s made the biggest impact on me is Grace for Impact. It’s the blueprint for building a new, better world for all of humanity. It moved me to stop filling my time with distractions and do the work I’d been putting off. Beautiful. Transformative. Necessary.

Nikki Bonsol, Senior Writer
If I’m feeling distracted and uninspired, I’ll put on The Creation Space Meditation to bask in the colors and regenerative magic of this visualization. When my analytical/critical mind is in overdrive, I dip in here to refill my creative juice cup. Then, I flooooow…

Renee Masur, Content Director
I love tapping into The Heart Centering Practice—it’s the fastest way to tap into the wisdom of my heart. It always has a message I need to hear.

Susan Turvey, Marketing + Community Director
My favorite product is The Love + Radiance Meditation Kit. The visualization creates a safe, nurturing container for deep Inner Child healing. Pouring compassion onto my wounded parts brings peace, joy, and clarity to my everyday life.

Toni Scott, Finance Director
Favourite product: the Grace for Impact: ebook + audiobook. I’m excited to dive into this ebook during this time of reset to more fully embrace slowing down, creating more white space, and curating a more heart centered life.

If I may… my favourite offering is The Earth Adoration Meditation Kit (this is my personal practice about four days a week). And The Creation Space visualization. And Grace for Impact… poured my healed heart into the Grace program. All of it! Shop “Pay What You Wish” here.

This is the new world I want to live in. Heart centered, curious, together.

All my Love,

Danielle LaPorte2.png




1. This offer is valid on all the digital products in our Pay What You Wish Shop. There’s a lot in there. Check out the goods.

2. This offer is not retroactive, even if you bought one of these products yesterday.

3. If you would like to gift a product to someone at a pay-what-you-wish rate, go for it! In past events, we’ve had people offer to pay for strangers, i.e., “I’d like to buy three copies at $15 each for three people who can’t afford to pay anything.”

4. Charity donations will still be in full effect! For each product you purchase, we’ll donate to TreeSisters to plant a tree in your honour.

5. Questions: We’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. We get a LOT of emails during Pay What You Wish events so please be patient and sweet with Team D. We thank you!