Good Humans,

It’s the sometimes annual Pay What You Wish Week for my digital situations: devotions, meditation kits, ebooks, audios.

I love birthdays, veggie tacos, well-curated playlists, generous people, and Mother Earth. And Love. Love is my favourite. And PARTY FAVOURS. And heart centered business.

This Pay What You Wish year is even more special because if this proves to be a viable way of doing business—meaning, we keep making payroll and our charity promises—then we will make this our continuous way of doing business. This is an experiment that my whole team hopes will last.


1. This offer is valid on all the digital products in our Pay What You Wish Shop. There’s a lot in there. Check out the goods.

2. This offer is not retroactive, even if you bought one of these products yesterday.

3. If you would like to gift a product to someone at a pay-what-you-wish rate, go for it! In past events, we’ve had people offer to pay for strangers, i.e., “I’d like to buy three copies at $15 each for three people who can’t afford to pay anything.”

4. Charity donations will still be in full effect! For each product you purchase, we’ll donate to TreeSisters to plant a tree in your honour.

5. Questions: We’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. We get a LOT of emails during Pay What You Wish events so please be patient and sweet with Team D. We thank you!

Last week, I wrote about the history of Pay What You Wish Days and a social experiment in generous, trusting humans. Please dive in.

As I mentioned, we’re hoping to make the transition to always doing business this way. Big leap.

To help with our small-but-meaningful revolution in commerce, please share this generously with people:

1. Forward this email to your circles. I want to co-create a world in which everybody has the essentials: nutrient-rich food and water, education and art, (actual) healthcare, and spiritual support. Pay what you wish = access. Tell everybody.

2. When you make your Pay What You Wish purchase, please share about it on social. For me this is personal and political—this is the new world I want to live in. Tag @daniellelaporte and #paywhatyouwish to help us find you and love you up.

3. And… PARTY WITH ME. I’m throwing a virtual birthday bash tomorrow (Tuesday, May 26) at 3pm PDT/6pm EDT. There WILL be party favours. And jams. But BYOT: Bring Your Own Tacos. Where? Instagram + Facebook Live.

So much to celebrate. Cheers to the new world.

With Love,