We can soapbox, we can motivate, we can even convince people to see and do things our way.

But even if someone chooses the more “evolved action” you’re suggesting, it doesn’t mean that they’ve just taken an evolutionary leap.

We make choices from the level of consciousness that we’re at.

Wholeness isn’t as much about the choice—it’s about what’s inspiring the choice.

Two people could make the same choice for very different reasons. One could be motivated by fear, the other could be coming from Love.

So, if someone is vibing low, convincing them to choose your option doesn’t necessarily raise them up to a higher level of thinking and being.

Wisdom is earned. It’s the benefit of clearing out illusions. We do that clearing by living more reflective, mindful lives—and a lot of letting go.

So… maybe we just need to practice what we preach and hope for the best. We each have to get there on our own.

Bless it all—every path and how each of us walks it.

With Love,

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