A good personality test can help reveal the innermost workings of your psyche. Anyone who applies for a job with Team D takes these three tests. And, they’re kind of… fun.

“What makes you feel strong?”

StrengthsFinder: Now, Discover Your Strengths, by Marcus Buckingham + Donald O. Clifton

There’s a theory that you should overcome your shortcomings and try to compensate for your weaknesses. Well, we’re not having any of that. StrengthsFinder is about honing in on your core strengths and becoming better at what you’re already great at. Foster what comes most naturally to you and play to your aptitudes. I talk a lot about Buckingham’s work in The Fire Starter Sessions.

Take the StrengthsFinder test online and it will net out your top five strengths (it’s a 20-minute quiz). These strengths are one-word declarations. My strengths are: Activator, Futuristic, Intellection, Relator, Strategic… Once you have your top five, you can delve into the companion book for insight on how to use your strengths to your advantage in life and work. It’s also a great tool for knowing the strengths of your partner, family, team members — and helping the people around you to shine brighter.

“What’s the shape of your soul?”

The Enneagram: Discovering Your Personality Type, Don Richard Riso + Russ Hudson

This is a powerfully perceptive system for self-knowledge and understanding others. The Enneagram is nine archetypes of human nature: personalities like The Enthusiast, The Peacemaker, The Achiever. Personally I’m a #4: The Individualist.” Each type views the world through its own lens and relates to people differently.

“How do you love to be loved?”

Love Languages: The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman

If two people are speaking different love languages, then loving gestures and romantic cues can be totally missed. The 5 Love Languages identifies the preferences of how we like to be loved: Words of Affirmation (my favourite), Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time (my other favourite), or Physical Touch. Knowing your own and your partner’s love language essentially teaches you how to meet the other person in their sweet spot — where it counts the most for them.