Fire Starter,

A peek into the inner workings of a big launch…

Team D just launched large. The Desire Map Course that we co-produced with Commune was complex—and a complete joy. Lot of us worked weekends for a few months. But! We managed to not crash. Part of what helped was a planned break and a restored commitment to return to sanity when we did what we had to do.

Below is the “save these dates for sanity” message that I sent to the team.

I hope it inspires you to plan for recovery…


My Most Beautiful Cohesive Farmers,

Let’s get these dates in stone, NOW:


  • Thursday, May 30

  • Friday, May 31

  • (the weekend!)

  • Monday, June 3

This means: STAY OFF EMAIL + VIBER. Go ‘way. Bye. Rest. Never mind. All of us at once. Shut down. (Note: Dee will connect with Junior Ops about some slivers of critical-only Customer Service support during that time.)

*IF* you’re feeling anxious and really think you need to check in, deep breathe and don’t do it until Monday and restrict yourself to 30 minutes max.

I also encourage auto-responders in this case.

After this finish line: PLEASE HAVE REAL WEEKENDS. Let’s support each other to HAVE REAL WEEKENDS. Offline. Living. Loving. Giving. Growing. K? K! Three cheers for lives well-lived.

PERSPECTIVE for the finish line:
This is the biggest thing we’ve ever done. A NEW SITE + A COMPLEX PROGRAM + IN A NEW BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP + WITH A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF REACH + WITH A SMALLER/TIGHTER TEAM… than ever. We are in biggest, brightest, mostest mode. Also deepest and most Olympic. It’s all feeling very Olympic.

Heart Closer:
Think about the humans we serve living from their hearts more… dissolving anxiety, using their voices to speak truth and Love, and people putting THEIR HEARTS IN CHARGE, love is the new logic. We are helping to facilitate that in the world.

Deepest gratitude and respect,