Who do you thank for the goodness in your life? I mean, in terms of “higher powers”? Naturally, many of us will point our gratitude to the Supreme. Thank you God, Thank you Spirit…

But what shifts for us if we get more directed with our gratitude? Explore this…

Every single relationship that you have—everything you eat, the car you drive… is because of Mother Earth.

Flesh, metals, cellular, resources, animal kingdom, cement, wood, respiratory, touch, vocal chords, taste, home, reproduction, construction…

Have friends, a job, shoes on your feet? It’s all because of MOTHER EARTH.

What if you were to direct your gratitude to the elements of Gaia… straight to Mother Earth?

Grateful for your partner? Take a deep breath and thank the Air for your relationship. Thank you sky for this great Love.

Thankful for a safe home to live in? Feel your feet on the Earth. Thank you ground and soil for my sweet shelter.

All that creativity, the good job, the prosperity… Thank you ethers for all this abundance.

This amazing day… Thank you Mother Earth for my LIFE!

Whatever you’re feeling grateful for, find a way to connect that appreciation back to Mother Earth.

Pour your gratitude back to the root of all fruits…
Connect your good fortune and all your blessings to the Mama.

This kind of reverence expands and sweetens… everything.

Thank you Earth for this day to Love more,