How do we recognize the Truth through wishful thinking, desires, and loads of propaganda? When we’re feeling anxious or uncertain, we can reach for our DISCERNMENT to locate something we trust. This is our focus for the Heart Centered membership in September—and we just opened enrollment!

The ability to discern isn’t a purely intellectual faculty—it’s the benefit of being more identified with your soul nature. And it isn’t a narrowing of focus. It’s actually a wider, more inclusive point of view—as if our hearts were open apertures. When we see more of our whole selves—shadow/light, pain/power, then we can see more of the whole truth around us.

Please join us in Heart Centered for the month of deepening your DISCERNMENT. Here’s how we do it:

  • My monthly Perspective gives an esoteric point of view of increasing our discernment capacities.

  • The meditation + mantra for this month are technologies for attuning within.

  • Full and New Moon Write + Burn exercises for cleansing our energy bodies. Release emotional suffering, make room for clarity.

  • Two members-only Heart to Heart Q+As. Every other week we get together for a Zoom hour. You can pre-submit personal questions (about relationships, healing, heart-centered business, beauty… anything!) This community is DEEP.

  • A Discernment playlist, Desire Mapping prompts, a breathing practice for caaaalllllm, and MORE… Bonus content, access to a library of past devotions—generosity is our favourite.

Financial accessibility—check out our heart-based pricing…

We have multiple pricing levels. My aim is that anyone who resonates gets access. We dive into a new focus every month, so there’s always fresh content. But if you decide the membership isn’t for you, it’s easy to cancel before your next renewal date.

Doors are open now thru Monday, August 31.

Enrollment opens at the end of every month. Come on in if you’re called. Click here to explore the membership.

With Love,