This is the most “spiritual” thing I say to myself these days. The most empowered and compassionate. The truest. Even when it doesn’t feel true:

I’m doing my best.

All the years of chanting sanskrit mantras and getting coached by fancy coaches and THIS is the statement that plows through my striving and brings me back to center. Daily. (I often say it in my evening prayers in bed.)

The tone is hugely important. You have to choose the part of you that makes this statement.

It’s not a defensive move to make when your small self is comparing itself to everyone else’s apparent bigness. You don’t blurt this out to get your inner critic to back off. There’s no snap to it. So if you’re emo and flustered, wait a minute before you say it. And just…

Put your mind’s attention on your heart chakra, inhale/exhale into that golden spaciousness.
And then make a respectful statement with a hint of congratulatory-ness.
It should feel as neutral, significant, and truthful as telling someone when your birthday is. 

You ready?

I’m doing my best.

Dignified and gentle. (Do it a few times until it feels for reals dignified and gentle.)

No push to prove. No off-kilter passion.


“I’m doing my best” is a declaration of your virtuous awareness that it’s a physiological miracle that you incarnated and have made it this far, being held by a tapestry of vibrating Light within a dense dualistic dimension…

…having chosen to be in this space time continuum to unfold your Christ Consciousness-Buddha Nature…

…during one of the greatest epochs in human history to burn negative karma and heal at the deepest levels in an onslaught of environmental toxins and horrific media messaging…

…while earnestly reprogramming your mind from eons of social conditioning that enrolled millions into berating themselves into enduring heaps of damaging lies about being “unworthy” and separate from the Infinite; 

…and all the while, here you are my Love, diligently returning to Loving Kindness through interlocking relationship patterns that you’re dissolving by diligently making space for your Soul Light to pour into you. 

And you know very well that when you know better—on a cellular level informed by the Universal mind–then you most definitely will do better. 

And today, in this eternally unfolding now, according to quantum physics and your Divine Nature… 


at all times…
doing your best. 

Remember: Dignified and gentle. 

All my best,