Think about something you really want. A desired thing, experience, person or place. A goal.

Hold that longing in your mind and run through these questions:

  1. Does going after this dream make you feel like you’re making progress? Like you’re growing? Like you’re moving forward?

  2. Does this desire make you feel more like yourself?

  3. Do you think you’ll feel freer when you achieve this?

  4. Does going after this goal (not reaching it, but the actual pursuit of it) light you up, even if it means hard work?

  5. Does this opportunity clearly create more opportunities?

  6. Does saying no to things so you can pursue this goal ultimately make you feel lighter?

  7. Do you feel in total integrity?

  8. And the last question, not that this entirely matters, but would your kid or your grandmother or your best friend be proud of you for what you’re going after and how you’re going after it?

If you’re gripped to a certain goal — “do or die goals,” it’s easier to fool yourself about the merits of that goal.

There are goals that expand our truth, and goals that constrict it…

Look within before you aim without.