We’re inculcated to think of “power” as something we have to strive for. Go get it. Build on it. Grind for it.

We’ve had it wrong for a long time.

Let me back up. The “power” I’m focused on is True Power. The power to create, to inspire, to heal minds, to build bridges. The power to turn things around for the benefit of everyone involved. Transformative power. Not force and dominance. 

Our power move is to become as receptive as possible to Higher Guidance.

This is counter intuitive, but listen… learning to “bask” in what stillness offers is your growth edge.

I’ve done this reframe now with a lot of super achieving women. And they are RELIEVED.

It’s not force, it’s flow. It’s not exhausting, it’s nourishing. It’s WISE.


And there’s a simple move to help you become more receptive.

Episode #63 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE is an invitation to receive. I’m giving you a super simple reflection practice (which I touch on in How To Be Loving) for basking and letting wisdom flow into you—because you can’t chase that kind of deep knowing. But you can open up to it.

Come on over for a major reframe. And we can exhale together.

Always With Love,