What is your definition of availability?
How do you manifest and desire from a place of goodwill?
How do you navigate energetic boundaries to allow space for other people’s feelings?

Today, I’m bringing you one of the most dynamic high-energy conversations I’ve ever had in an interview. Craig Siegal is a sweetheart, a Jersey boy, a former Wall Street guy who found his heart. And we had a really beautiful connection.

Craig + I talk about:

  • How to show up in healthy Masculine and Feminine
  • Creating Heart Centered boundaries
  • Manifesting from a place of goodwill
  • How our heart is the portal to vibrating higher

And I lead Craig through a thought experiment to tie it all together!

The next time I’m in Brooklyn, I want to have (gluten-free) pizza with Craig. But for now, we have With Love, Danielle + Friends. Craig Siegel et moi.

Always With Love,