A while back, I had a journal cremation. Burned 7 years of pages soaked in self doubt and self abandonment, guised under the beautifully sad habit of seeking answers—always outside of myself.

Made a lot of space to see that I was creating noise with all the outside opinions, when, in fact, I was craving the depth of silence. Seeking wisdom, but too attached to finding answers for it to pour through…

Wisdom is the spiritual essence of the Soul. Comes in the stillness + silence. The times we opt for a long walk and talk with God, over calling the psychic.

A few stories on how I’ve released my attachments to the immediacy of knowledge, and found comfort in the presence of Wisdom

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With Love Podcast Ep 23
When (not) to give up.

This conversation is full of contradictions, so if you’re looking for a straight shot—it’s better to look within. As always. I start in the realm of general life stuff, then we move into the deepest possible query: choosing to stay alive. Light to dark and all the hues in between. LISTEN HERE.

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With Love Podcast Ep 25
3 very big lies we fall for on the way to waking up.

We’ve got to fall for some lies to get to our truth… These are the lies that dogma, false power, and all kinds of commercial industries are built on. And many of us have built our spiritual lives on one of these shaky foundations. This is a wake up call. LISTEN HERE.

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With Love Podcast Ep 18
On psychics + clairvoyants. To call or not to call?

I think external psychic input can be extremely valuable for navigating. I’ve had seers on my payroll. And… We can often sense what’s coming ourselves—we just don’t recognize our own power. Free will, free will, free will. And PS: free will. TUNE IN.

Get wise by getting still.