Very philosophically speaking: things stick to stuff that’s stuck.

The more freely energy circulates, the healthier a system is.

Types of energy: Life force… prana, blood supply, financial resources, provisions, Love.
Types of systems: Your life, thoughts, the human body, societies, organizations, relationships, communities.

If energy isn’t moving in a particular area, stagnation sets in and can turn into toxicity.

Types of toxicity: a slew of physical illnesses; environmental pollution; a range of low-vibration states and behaviour: resentment, grievances, pity, hatred, deception, and domination.

Like energy attracts like energy. Stagnancy attracts energies that need to feed on stagnation.

Misery, domineering personalities, viruses, and bacteria seek weak parts of a system to latch on to. They feed on density and low vibration. 

Healing is the procedure of raising vibration. We dissolve inner stagnant energy so that life force can flow to our entire system… society… planet. We bring loving attention to the darkest parts.

Stagnant Energy + Inner Radiance

I’ve been looking at old ambitions that no longer serve who I am today—a few goals are getting in the way of my real-time fulfillment. There are arguments that I keep having with the same people. And there’s a way that I relate to Creation that staggers my own creative flow. Thinking loops are a great source of stagnation. I’m working to clear it all out. For vibrancy. For immunity. For Love.

Remedies for inner energy stagnation: Forgiveness. Apologies. Love letters. Breathwork. Honest and transparent conversations with Spirit. Yoga. Dancing. Any kind of sacred body movement. Prayer. Engaged listening and compassionate dialogue. Seva, service, and giving of our love and resources. Inclusiveness—of our complete selves and others. Gratitude felt, and gratitude strongly expressed. (Thankfulness is a powerful solvent for all kinds of ego BS and energy stagnation.) 

In order for our supplements and wellness plans to fully nourish us—and our best-laid plans to unfurl, and our prayers to be sanctified—we need to remove our emotional blockages. No amount of Vitamin C or fitness can get past anger issues, grievances, or a broken heart.

When we clear the resentments and the emotional wounding, the Light of the Soul can flow into us more freely. Less baggage, more radiance. And radiance is a powerful form of immunity.