Plan your business + life according to metaphysical principles and seasons

Less force, more flow. This is the universe’s success blueprint—and it can be yours too.


ReNEW YEAR isn't a conventional planning session.

It’s about attuning to nature and planetary energies, and rooting business strategies in intuitive wisdom. 


+ How to tap into the seasons and blend astrology + natural rhythm with YOUR entrepreneurial genius—and how we do it on Team D.

+ When to launch (pssst… it’s when the energy is HIGH)

+ The best (and worst) times to make decisions

+ When to pause + when to pivot

+ How to harness planning + systems for less force and more flow (because it has to work in real life, not just on a calendar)

Quarterly objectives and KPIs are cool. But we’ve found they work much better when they’re underpinned by energetic awareness and ancient wisdom. And we have GUIDES + CALENDARS for you to prove it!

Are you ready?

You’ll receive an email with the full class kit: 

Instant, lifetime access to this 1.75 hour class + content
Pre-recorded Q+A time (juicy)
• The NEW Metaphysical Guide to Business Planning PDF download
• The ReNEW YEAR Workbook PDF download


+ Business owners

+ Entrepreneurs

+ Creatives + innovators

+ Professionals seeking strategic growth

+ Anyone ready to elevate their business + career-ing game in 2024

In astrology and nature, January is for rest, rejuvenation, and cleansing. It’s actually FEBRUARY’S LUNAR NEW YEAR that comes with a new wave of energy—a surge to plan, create, and manifest your aspirations.

Our ReNew Year Masterclass acts as the catalyst for your business transformation, ensuring you’re in sync with nature and the astrological flow of energies to call in all that profit AND purpose.


Clear Guidance: Decipher astrological cues and seasonal influences shaping your personal + business landscape. Gain momentum when you stop second-guessing.

🧘‍♀️ Heart Centered Strategies: Deep-dive into purposeful planning, aligning strategies with natural cycles. We’re giving you our guide to tap into it all.

📅 Year-round Application: Tools adaptable for key planning moments throughout the year.

💻 Business Case Study: We’ll share all the details on how we apply these concepts on Team D.

🔥End the Cycle of Hustle and Burnout: Our Metaphysical Guide to Business Planning guidebook will help you sync with the seasons + energetics of the months. You’ll find your work + life are buoyed by more flow, less force.



+ Exclusive Access: Lifetime access to the recording and content. 

+ The Business Seasons Outline: When we launch, when we harvest—why and how.

+ The Metaphysical Week Calendar: Ideal days for launching, retreating and relating.

+ The Mercury Retrograde Guide: How to use this period to your advantage.

+ Lunar New Year Overview: Why this time every year is the best time to start fresh.

+ Access to Danielle’s NEW Heart Centered Online Calendar*! Astro and seasonal alerts sent to you year round (for Google Calendar users only).

+ ReNEW YEAR Workbook: Integration cues + questions so you leave having really learned.

+ Planning Resources List: Every product, app or human resource we mention will be batched into a link list for you!

HOLD UP! What do you MEAN, January is not the new year?

…not actually. Not seasonally, not energetically, not for thousands of years according to the LUNAR NEW YEAR. So stay in your jam jams and hold off on the resolutions + annual business planning until AFTER the ReNEW YEAR Masterclass.

Personally, I never vibed with January 1 as a new year. I felt slightly slothy in comparison to everyone else starting Q1 objectives and “New Year New You” launches, while I was still in my fun bun reviewing my previous year and NOT hitting reply on anything. When February came ‘round I felt fresh and sparkly, ready to commit and kick it… but was apologizing to my team for being “a month behind.”

None of that anymore! I follow my inner reason and the seasons. I clean things up in December, I sleep a bit more, I pull back on pushing. I pencil in the coming year, but I don’t pressure myself to come out swinging until February.

In many traditions, ten days before the start of the lunar new year, houses are cleared out, scrubbed, and swept to remove any lingering bad or old stale energy. Yessss. That’s what January is for!

So if you’re itching to start something right now, sage your office and clean out those desk drawers. And sign up for our ReNEW YEAR Masterclass.

With Love and intention,
Danielle + Company