I just got a hot tub in my back yard. Of course, there’s a life lesson of profound importance in this. Here goes:

For years, I would say to friends, “All I want is world peace and a hot tub. No, really.” A few months ago I said just that to a friend, and she looked at me and said, “Then why don’t you just get a hot tub?” I paused, did the puppy head tilt. “Hmmm,” I thunk. “D,” she asserted, “I think you can, like, afford a hot tub now.” Eyebrow raised. “I guess…I guess I could actually…BUY A HOT TUB! You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna BUY A HOT TUB!” So easy.

Why did I think twice? Because I’d been hanging out in dream ‘n’ budget mode for so long that I hadn’t shifted gears to “just-make-it happen-and-let-it-be-easy mode.” My girlfriend is an incredible coach, so, of course we, like, way analyzed my poverty mentality and delayed gratification thought forms. And then burned them right there.

“Sometimes, limitations are just habits of perception – waiting to be busted.”

All Love,


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