My Friends…

A fervent request should you need to hear it, or you may want to pass on…

For those of rebellious spirit and independent thinking, I relate. I’ve never had a flu shot, I don’t believe that my genes fate me in any significant way. I believe in the power of the mind and prayer to protect and heal. I question the veracity of all news sources, and I’ve written about the dangers of groupthink.

And there’s this: Believe in Allah, but tie up your camel.

Last week, I was about to have a dinner party… Thirteen sweet friends for tacos! (My love language!) I called it off the day before. Zero panic, all intuition. I woke up and felt… no. I think some of my guests were surprised because, well, I’m that “mind over matter” person. The day after I cancelled, I found out that two of my invited friends had new visitors at their house, who’d just flown in from Europe… with flu-like symptoms. They are all sequestering for 14 days to monitor everyone’s wellness. No panic energy, just calm, loving responsibility. 

Retreat. Restore. Re-set. Everyone. Please. 

I used to direct a future studies think tank in Washington, DC. We wrote whitepapers for the Pentagon on global systems change. (Seriously. It was awesome and weird.) So I know a few things about mass responsiveness. Fear can move like wildfire through a social system. But so can love and ingenuity—and it changes everything for the better along the way. Humans are profoundly loving and inclusive. We rally. We rejuvenate. We are best when we consider the health of each other and we act quickly. Who knew that staying home would be so humanitarian? It is.

I have thoughts on how this crisis is an opportunity for major positive change, and how to hold that enthusiastic energy while simultaneously minding the fear and sorrow that may arise. You can watch me riff HERE (5-minute IGTV).

This is a massive personal and collective re-set opportunity to change our approach to wellness, governance, and the ecosystem. I’m praying for positive outcomes on all levels. I’m actively rethinking my own way of living and doing business, asking where I can simplify and deepen. How can I create more community? How can I practice more eco-awareness? How can I meet nature as my ultimate healer? How can I share my resources and inspire others to share theirs? How can I extend myself in love and generosity? How can I live with more presence and less future-fixation? How can I be a healer? How can I create more wellness, from my cells to social systems? I’m feeling it all. More than ever, I’m grateful to be alive at this time.

What an opportunity to know our strength and love! These powerful happenings are calling us to fill out all of our capacities as communitarians, humanitarians, caregivers, creatives, leaders, children, and beloveds of The Infinite. 

Many of us will be impacted financially and concerns for very basic needs will be real. Some of us will lose loved ones. Systems will shift to accommodate a lot of us—none of us will be “the only one” in particular predicaments. And, it’s going to be imperative that we find new ways to take care of each other. As I’ll mention in a minute, I’ve just hired a bunch of new people, but if it’s feasible, I’m going to look at hiring people who, as a result of losing work recently, are most in need of clients. We’ll make this up as we go. Making new ways.


For the foreseeable future, I’m showing up every day at noon PT/3pm ET on my Instagram feed and/or Stories with a prayer, or a visualization, encouragement, or a conversation with healing friends I adore. Please follow me @daniellelaporte. We will also repost everything to my Facebook page HERE.

We are opening up the HEART CENTERED membership again in April. It has become a beautiful hive of devotion. You can get on the interested list HERE. We will have new pricing to accommodate people impacted by recent shifts to their income. (Team D is composed of seventeen people and membership is a mainstay for us, but my intention is to not turn anyone away.)

As a business, DL Inc sets aside money for charity. Over the next few weeks, we’ll get clear on where best to direct those funds. We will continue to raise funds for tree planting with Tree Sisters through our Heart Centered membership.

On a personal/business note, in the last few months my company has gone through a lot of positive disruption and change. I brought on six brand new people in as many weeks. And we doubled down on our commitment to create content for Higher Love, in as many forms as possible. And like, whoa. What wild timing for a beautiful restructure and then boom—preparing to pivot for global systems change. Our team is strong-spirited, and we will all remain on this bus. No matter what. We’ve been stockpiling love for years.

Again, I’ll be on Instagram with prayers and practicals on the daily.

Since you’re all very wise humanitarians who are staying home for a few weeks, you can tune in anytime and we can point our devotion in the same direction. Yes? Yes, please.

Retreat. Restore. Re-set.

With Love,

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