My Loves!

Welcome to the inaugural podcast edition of SACRED WEEKENDS! I’m sooo excited about this. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years.

Like… reco’s my friends and I text about. Conversations with my Higher Self. Think: chilling with your nervous system, cool music, Netflix that isn’t all about numbing out, and communing with the Infinite. 

SACRED WEEKENDS will drop 2 Fridays a month—in BOTH podcast + email form!

Here’s what I’m jamming on in the pod edition of SACRED WEEKENDS:

  • FRIDAY: Want to hear about the “disastrous” check-in process that I created for my man and I? And how we turned it around into a conversation starter that is healing and productive?
  • SATURDAY: My favourite online Yoga class, and a movie reco that might surprise you.  
  • SUNDAY: Is about devotion. A rundown of Heart Centered Altar Do’s and Don’ts. 

With Love,