Faith is believing that the Light exists, even when it’s dark.

Some of us are entering into the Void. The concept of the Void shows up in psychology, mythology, and metaphysics. It’s part of the human condition, it’s the substance of the Holy. The hero’s journey—going from meek to mighty, lost to found. It’s dark, unfamiliar, and you don’t know what’s in there. The Void is where we meet our maker—and ourselves.

Joseph Campbell describes the hero entering the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path. No one has been where we’re going. We are emergent. The seeds of possibility are inside each of us and we need to water them with our attention, with our prayer, our meditation, our reflection, and our language.

I haven’t been saying that “We will get through this,” because I’m not 100% certain that we will get all the way through this. We might get stuck in a pitfall of old normal and a new, not-much-more-desirable normal. Truly “getting through” means getting to a new, beautiful ideal.

I’ll be more specific: We can get through this. Absolutely, unwaveringly 100% Faithful in our innate and profound capacity to unite and create a beautiful world.

If we stay in that space of “it’s possible, but it’s not a given,” then we stay awake. And that is the tension that Grace holds. Grace is holding possibility and danger. Grace knows that it could go either way. And she stands at the edge of The Void and declares that a change is going to come.

The thrilling truth is that we get to choose which way this goes. Free will is an honour, not a burden.

Let’s have Faith in ourselves and in each other, that we’ll choose Love and act on it without delay. We’re not really waiting on the future… this ghost-like presence that comes into view to instruct us. We’ve just been waiting for ourselves: Me in my pain and glory. You in your confusion and gorgeous giftedness. All of us in our dark, light, distinct union. Letting go…  to find out who we really are.

May this passage gracefully lead us to One Love,