A reminder that the Heart Centered doors are closing tomorrow, September 30.

This month, we talk WORTH—“worthiness” is working overtime to cover up a big, egoic lie. We’ll shine a bright light on it, and steady ourselves in Divine Wholeness. This is a BIG, DEEP, GORGEOUS TOPIC. LIFE STUFF.

A few reasons to join us now:

  • This month we’ll be working a meditation, a mantra, and a blessing practice that clear the pile-up of fragmentation in the subconscious telling you you’re inadequate. You’re not.

  • You get the entirety of my current Meditation Kit collection, and many audio practices that only Heart Centered members get to have. You + me on zen dates.

  • And! We plant a tree for you with TreeSisters when you join. One for every month you’re a member. As we heal together, we’re also healing Mother Earth.

We have a few pricing options to make this accessible for various budgets. If you’re feeling the heart tug, click here and join us.

With Love,