The first step to take when you’re in hell.

It feels interminable. Like you’ll never get out. Like it’s never…going…to…end. That’s the nature of hell. It’s not the pain that drives you insane, it’s the fear that the pain could go on and on.

Did you get interrupted on the way to “ideal”?

Every “image” I had of my “ideal” life has been interrupted, derailed, splattered on the road to this sometimes way too fucking complicated, patience-of-Job, deeply deep and BEAUTIFUL life that I find myself in. CORRECTION: I didn’t “find” myself here. I made choices to be here — right where I am. One choice at a time.

[QUIZ] So…Let’s talk about your boundaries. For starters, do you have any?

My Dearest Powerfully Feminine, Probably In Need of Some Better Boundaries People…I think at least half of every “problem-solving” conversation I have with my girlfriends is about boundaries. We give it to each other straight up: You need to re-work that contract. You need to just tell her no. You can’t let him do that anymore. Stop. We have ALL been on one side of that conversation. If you KNOW you’re IN for Terri’s upcoming 5 week Boundary Bootcamp private coaching course starting on September 18th then click here to grab your seat and our epic 50% off Early Bird deal plus bonuses bonuses bonuses!

What’s on your List of Things to Give Up? Here’s a peek at mine.

It’s always a good time to let go of whatever is holding you back. [Astrologically speaking, it’s PRIME TIME to give it all UP.] I give up: Resistance to love. Judgements that keep me separate from people. Doubt — all the damn doubts that I’ve ever had. Every single one of them. Twice.

Self Acceptance…perspectives and prescriptions.

I’m my own worst critic. I think at the root, even the most “inflated” and seemingly confident personality types are their own worst critic — they’d know it if they dug deep enough. Add to that the criticism and messaging that comes at us from everywhere, whether it’s family of origin imprinting or photoshopped social media messaging, and I think self acceptance is one of the greatest challenges of well-being, or being alive.

What becomes possible when you say No?

No, thank you.
No way.
No more.

What becomes possible when you say No?

A call to Create: Our Bodies are Made to Do This

I get so lit up when I do this work. A few days before a speaking gig, when I need to be clear in my mind and very anchored in my body, I’ll put a Qoya video on my iPad and dance it out in my living room. I don’t need to rehearse or worry about pleasing anyone. I just need to do what it takes to turn up my Prana. Power. Presence.

The 2018 Desire Map Planner Collection is NOW available!

The 2018 Desire Map Planner Collection is now available and SHIPPING, which means if you ordered one, it’s on the way…YA! (I swear, having it together enough as a business to get you these in AUGUST instead of the week before Christmas, it feels like our gift to humankind. We finally did it!)

Women, boundaries, and spirituality. The perfect storm.

True “boundaries stories” from my friends and me (otherwise remarkably powerful, get-shit-done women who are firmly on the personal growth path, who struggle with saying, No, Thank You. We need to part ways. Pay me what you pay him. This just isn’t working for me. No fucking way. This is how I do it. I need to pass, thank you.