We fight for causes, for relationships, for our children, for our co-workers… but it can be terrifying to fight for ourselves. This is where sisterhood is particularly powerful. When our girlfriends see us over-extending, and they look us in the eye and say, “Stop. You don’t need to do this.”

If you need a healthy boundary checker, here’s Terri Cole. Ter’s seen me at my most heart-broken and confused. And we’ve laughed our asses off as she coached me back to self-respect.

JOIN US LIVE TODAY for Q+A. One of us is a licensed psychotherapist with 23 years experience (that’d be Terri). And the other one of us is just super opinionated. (Hi!) So… ask anything. Gold-standard boundary advice guaranteed.

Healthy Love + Very Reasonable Standards
TODAY: Tuesday, September 8
10am – Vancouver/Los Angeles
1pm – Toronto/New York
6pm – London, UK
IG Live: @daniellelaporte

Set a reminder, bring some tea, see you there!

Terri’s 14-day Boundary Palooza video series kicks off today (it’s free). You’ll want to watch this pretty much immediately.

Deepest respect,