I’ve witnessed so much pain and resiliency this past season. It’s why I can never keep my Instagram and Facebook Lives about Grace for Impact brief. The questions come in about letting go and fear and anxiety, and I have to get in there. I feel more connected to a greater community. Crisis unifies—if we want it to. And I see unification and division in equal measure.

Faith is a muscle, and I’ve had to pump up my own resolve. You have to want to be Faithful. You know. There’s nothing’s passive about it. Community bolsters my Faith in the positive possibilities.

I’ve made some deep shifts in a short period of time. I’ve let go of some BS grievances I was carrying. I’ve become painfully, beautifully aware of my craving for more stillness, silence, and nature, AND my desire for sweet human meetings. It’s such a gorgeous paradox. Feels like wholeness.

My Grace for Impact series (ebook, audiobook, podcast) turned into my pulpit for a plea to make 2020 change us for the better.

Personally, I’m still shedding and examining a lot of my long-held desires. Part of me wants to retreat even further—intensely. Part of me wants to wrap my arms around everyone and go everywhere together—intensely.

I think I will never stop talking about suffering, the shadow, and the divinity that dwells within. This is an intense time, but the content of Grace applies to so many things that we each want to heal.

Please keep exploring. Revisit a favourite chapter, or catch up on ones you missed. Better yet, get your own copy of the Grace ebook + audiobook. Even better: it’s Pay What You Wish. Inside you’ll find prayer sheets, Nourishing Thoughts, and links to extra video interviews that are not included in the podcast.

Episode Roundup

Ch 1: Dying for Love. The intensity you’re feeling is showing up to be released—untruths need to die so that some Truths can be fully lived. What will you die to? This is the reset you have craved—but delayed. The shedding you feared—but desired. You will be reborn.

Ch 2: Sacred reprioritization. This global shift is a chance for us to get in sync with our natural cycles—we’ve been too busy to know we’re aching for it. We’ve been in overdrive for too long. It’s part of the reason we’re in this predicament. It’s time for a sacred reprioritization. For inner peace—and Mother Earth.

Ch 3: Your suffering is a holy event. Our deepest pain is the entry point to our authentic power. That’s why we do shadow work. We’re going to find the wounds that we’ve kept hidden in our day to day, and shine the light of self-compassion on them.

Ch 4: Things I do when I’m in pain. I wrote you a list of 60+ things. The range: simple mood shifters to deep devotional practices. These methods for nourishing your nervous system and connecting to the Divine work when you’re falling apart, AND when you have your shit together. Consciousness comes in very handy.

Ch 5: Lighten your load so we can make it to the other side. Binding identities, grievances, expired dreams, regrets, possessions. Can you feel the pressure to let go? It’s a good thing. Energetic stagnation makes us more vulnerable to all kinds of viral things—from negative thought patterns to viruses. Here’s a List of Letting Go.

Ch 6: Scenario planning with Faith. Faith is believing that the Light exists, even when it’s dark. You can’t “logic” yourself out of a crisis—you need heart centered resources. Faith is a creative tool when we’re lost and looking. Nourish it. Tap it.

Ch 7: Make this change you. Suffering should transform us. But we don’t always let it. This is how we avoid falling back asleep after a wake-up call: We vow to live differently. We must make the vow to a beautiful ideal and devote our lives to it. This is the stuff of revolutions.

With Love. Intensely.