A friend of mine was going into court with some greedy characters. There was no doubt about who she was up against. Something occurred to me… a plot twist… what if she didn’t expend so much energy being in “protection mode”? What would that free up for her?

Being in protection mode takes a lot of energy. All that scanning and guessing what the opposition might do. Being on guard burns energy.

Protection is often necessary. But there’s another posture that can be more energizing.

What if we held the belief that love is our greatest protection? And so we enter the potential conflict AS LOVE––expanded, not contracted. We’re not focused on defending, we’re setting out to transform the situation by vibrating higher.

No arrow can land on your heart when it’s full of love and compassion for yourself and everyone involved—it can only be deflected.

Here’s a micro podcast for you (5 minutes!)

Find your right focus and you will free up your energy.

Always With Love,