Oh hi, high achiever!

I know you can do ALL OF IT. You ALWAYS pull it OFF. 

But… at what cost? Crappy sleep, anxiety meds, cortisol levels whacked, extra pounds, skimmed savings, minimal alone time… too much alone time?

Let’s heart to heart this out. Because this is a collective story and we need to rewrite the script.

WITH LOVE, DANIELLE Eps 105 is for the polished, solid, achieving, doing, driven, types who are also actually the worrying, perpetually dissatisfied, unable to relax, fretting about what others think of you… types.

This is part 4 in my 4-part podcast series on Healing With Anxiety and I’ve got your number… because I myself have had these behaviors on speed dial for years.

Listen in, Love. I have a Lot of clarity and Compassion for you. And some solutions.