Fire Starters!

This question came up in a meeting with Desire Map Facilitators + Coaches: “As a creative with so many ideas coming through all the time, how do you stay organized?”

My current tools, habits, rituals…

Voice Record Pro. A speech-to-text app. I record my podcasts on my phone, with this app, and a Shure microphone

From the app you can send the raw audio to a number of platforms (i.e. Dropbox), AND generate a transcription!

The sound quality is amazing, I sold all of my heavy recording gear (equalizers, big mic, cables…) and I record wherever I want.

I use this tripod.

The iPhone Notes app is usually the first place I capture ideas. I keep each note organized in folders by project/life area. These notes become podcasts and blog posts. And Love notes. (I have a new book outlined in these notes!)

I always write in pencil—I love the mineral magnetic factor, drawing the words out of me. And I only write with the Faber Castell “Emotion” pencil. It carries the thickest possible lead. Soft and creamy lead, with heft to the barrel. You can get this on Amazon, of course, but I go out of my way to go to The Vancouver Pen Shop. They will ship to you, tell them I sent you.

Ideas, action, creation!