Take what you want. Leave the rest. Stretch to believe if it feels good to do so.

My true nature is luminous.

I have everything that I need in this moment to move to the the next moment.

Absolutely everything is progress.

My time and energy are very valuable and I give them as gifts, out of love and awareness.

Love is infused in everything. And as I recognize Love in my day, I become stronger, brighter, more loving and trusting.

The universe is designed to support my unfolding and my delight.

I have my very own place in the cosmos, and from that place, I am connected to the entire universe.

I can always change my mind.

I am not a problem to be fixed, I am an opportunity for Love.

My desires are sacred. I use my Core Desired Feelings as beacons of creativity and action.

My desires lead to my truth. My truth is my power source for living with Love and determination.

My joy and fulfillment are a service to the collective.

Goddess/ God/ Life/ The Cosmos/ The Universe has my back. Always. Completely.

I am Love.