Let’s take a break from shadow work and relationship healing to tawk about tawkin’––in public

Here’s everything I know about presenting in the most powerful way, whether you’re onstage or on Zoom in your best blouse and bikini bottoms.

In this episode I explain:

  • Why I never over prepare before I speak
  • Why I DON’T “pump myself up” with motivational high energy before a talk
  • Why connecting with your Inner Child is the most powerful thing you can do
  • How to find common ground with your audience
  • The function of gratitude
  • A few style tips…
  • …And that one time I got heckled, it was truly awesome

With Love,



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“Just wanted to say that the workshop today was fantastic and so well timed. It can feel like old processes like funnels and opt-ins, Facebook and the likes have become inauthentic and frustrating. I found this workshop actually allowed me to see the tools I already have in place from a new perspective. Heart Centered focus flowing and giving new life to well worn practices. Thank you so much.” – Christina F.