My Loves,

I was in NYC last week and the theme was EXPANSION! And more EXPANSION.

My Mr. proposed! Yes yes yes to life partnership. He is deep and beautiful and wise and I’ve been ALL IN since about month two of being with him. Knew it. We’re not sure if we’re going to get hitched at city hall in our jeans, or throw a festival. But we know it’s all ours to DEFINE.

I also joined a new literary agency family of philosophical go-getters (my favorite combination) and we are redefining what it means for me to write, record and create for the next decade and beyond. 

These big moves and mergers are happening because I’m very clear how I define success—which has taken a LOT of REDEFINING. I’ve let go of a lot of identity labels. I’ve learned what I value most. And My spiritual commitment has helped me be discerning.

And that brings me to another one of my favorite combinations: DISCERNMENT and the POWER OF WORDS.

In this week’s WITH LOVE, DANIELLE (Eps #86) I’m dissecting some of-misconstrued “spiritual” terms:

  • Spirituality: It’s undefinable, actually. But I think it’s simply, “the practice of thinking with your heart.” This is not quite as simple as I make it sound. So please listen in for the break down.
  • Spiritual Bypassing: Where you put a spiritual spin on a “negative” experience to avoid uncomfortable feelings. “Non spiritual” feelings… you know that trick? All seekers become pro’s at this until we see how it’s holding us back.
  • Spiritual Glamor: When you mix a spiritual PoV with the ego’s need to be “special”. For example: when one regards their spiritual experience as a qualification for special treatment, or how some folks always find a way to insert their esoteric resume into the conversation… 
  • Conscience: You’ve got one, everyone’s got one…  Light Guilt + Shadow Guilt. There’s useful “guilt” and drag-you-down guilt. How to tell when your conscience is guiding you or your ego is trippin’…
  • Detachment: Less clinging. More trusting. I’m getting into the how-to’s of this spiritual art form.

Our definitions of spirituality and success define our LIVES. So more consciousness, truth-rooted definitions make for more conscious moves and mergers in our lives.

Let’s define and refine…

With Love,




This episode’s LOVE NOTE (free prayers, printables, pointers) is the Dedication of Merit. Keep it on your phone.

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