The ego’s favourite hiding place is… You ready? In personal-development workshops!

Self-helpers and spiritual seekers really know how to strive, and striving is classic ego-ing.

Being on the path can appear to be anything but arrogant or self-serving. Philosophies of peace spoken softly. Self-sacrifice. And it all looks great in stretchy yoga pants. I’m body positive. I’m a meditator. I’m journaling daily. I’m fighting for peace.

All these actions and commitments can be sourced from one’s heart, a bona fide outpouring of dedication to Love. And… Virtuous actions can be puppeteered by a shadow self that’s telling you that you need to constantly burn your bad karma. 

Same spiritual practice, different motivations. 

You feel me? I know you do.

This episode of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE (#52) is for you, babe. And me. Because I’ve been there.

One more nugget:

The shadow hides in plain sight, disguised as “love” when really, it’s just keeping people away from the Love they want.

Always With Love,