There are three kinds of people… this is a vast generalization, but roll with me:

The Stone-Hearted
…are subconsciously driven by their unhealed wounds—as many of us can be, but Stone-Hearteds aren’t fully aware that they’re in pain. They tend to cling to that pain, they build walls and weapons out of their pain. It’s all very… painful. Cynicism is like a pleasure sport for them.

Note to Full-Hearted change makers: The Stone-Hearted people are going to require tolerance—which is different from acceptance. You’re going to have to look at them and remember that we’re all from the same source—this will help you have compassion for the pain that they’re in that they don’t even know that they’re in, and also help you see how to lessen the pain that they cause. Not all people are changeable, and the Stone-Hearteds can be viciously stubborn. In terms of an inclusive vision and better way of doing things, Stone-Hearteds need to know what’s in it for them. Don’t burn yourself out going to war with them. Pick your battles and free your energy up for peace-keeping missions.

The Half-Hearted
…want a better life, but they don’t reeeally want to give up their comforts or familiar ideologies. They love the cozy status quo, consumption is a hobby, and they definitely want things to go “back to normal.”

Note to Full-Hearted change-makers: everyone awakens at their own pace, the machinations of karma and soul work are a mystery—so we go easy on the judgment, but hold the space for change. Half-Hearted is still half-engaged. So keep the Faith, have lots of engaged conversation—hold up on the guilt trips, pull back on the preaching—and role model the shit out of your morals and ideals.

The Full-Hearted
Hi, hello, you Full-Hearted change leader. You can see the beautiful ideal and you know you’re a part of its unfolding. You’re answering the call to lead.

Heads up: “To whom much is given, much is expected.” The Full-Hearted are going to have to pick up some slack. More love, more patience—we’ll have to turn the other cheek more often. That’s more than alright. When you turn the other cheek, you can see into the future.

We are more compassionate because it’s in our nature. We let the upheaval move us upward to higher ideals. We will not be contorted by resentment or checks ‘n’ balances of who worked for what, and is entitled to which, and what’s even. That’s more than alright. When your heart is open, everybody’s in.

We may not reap the rewards of our steadfast love. Might die before the work is done, might go unnoticed and materially rewarded. That’s more than alright. The point is to generate more love and we know that it’s all accounted for by the ledger of soul.

Full-Hearteds are leading, creating, and building—even if the others don’t join in immediately. We don’t wait, we embody. We’re going to preach, model, elect, give, donate, sing, create, and give some more. We are uniting and inviting. Unity consciousness is our favourite.

There will be disheartening times and near crushing despair. There will be resistance. And the Full-Hearteds will be thinking, “Really? Did you not live through the era-revolution-year with the rest of humanity?” That’s more than alright. We breathe deep into our devotion, and we carry on to run for city council, reform our kids’ school curriculum, and lead our companies to pour profits back into the community. We garden. We rest. We pray and plan—together.

Did I mention that there will be resistance? It could come from places we didn’t expect it. Our favourite aunt, or our business partner, or the friend we thought we knew for sure. That’s more than alright. Love assesses everything for common ground.

The Full-Hearteds will be called crazy, idealistic, rebellious, too soft, too New Age, irrational, impractical, so angry, disloyal, righteous, moralistic, idealistic, unrealistic, unreasonable… and (gasp!)… utopian. It won’t be the first time, it will not be the last. That’s more than alright. This moment was made for the Full-Hearteds to let love rule. We see the beautiful ideal and we know that we’re all a part of its unfolding.

With Love,