True self love is to accept ALL parts of ourselves. Our neediness, delights, pains, talents… Light and shadows. ALL of us. Without criticism.

True self love steers us away from seeking signs from the Universe that we’re “worthy”. Self love is a remembrance of our Divinity. We are Love itself.

True self love is a life led by Loving Kindness—and we include ourselves and all sentient life in that love.

Here are my podcast episodes where I go deep into the topic. Please come with me.

With Love Podcast Ep 3
Loving yourself (and others) any way you can

Love is one of the most wrung out, misused, and challenging concepts in philosophy, and (more specifically) in self-help teachings. And if “love” is a confusing concept… then “self-love” is utterly mystifying. TUNE IN.

The dance of self-forgiveness
With Love Podcast Ep 14
The dance of self-forgiveness

So many of us grip our mistakes because we never want to make them (and hurt anybody) again. But the moving forward can only happen when you can really forgive yourself. It’s possible. And there’s a sequence to it. LISTEN NOW.

With Love Podcast Ep 8
Arguing with your inner critic? There’s a better way

The first thing to do with that inner critic voice is to have compassion for it. (This is counterintuitive because we live in a performance-based culture that thrives on judgement.) Approach with love—then instead of creating further separation from your heart, you’re building a bridge. KEEP LISTENING.

Draw on the power of your Heart. It’s boundless.

With Love,