This month, I…

: told Mercury Retrograde to suck it.
: cheered as my kidlet published his first comic book. And sold it. At school. For cold, hard cash.
: zoomed from NYC to LA for meetings at magazines (prayers + strategy. wins every time.)

Here’s the best of November:…

: give up hope (it’s a good thing to do. really.)
Hope doesn’t tell anybody where you really stand on an issue. It doesn’t holler, Go get ‘em!, or declare, I wholeheartedly believe! or I’ll do whatever it takes. Hope is kind of a sissy. But intention and faith are for heroes. HOPE LESS. REALIZE MORE

: strike “overwhelmed” from your vocabulary
Let’s make a pact — to ban “overwhelmed” from our collective vocabularies. Ditch “full capacity.” Switch to “full OF capacity.” We’re busy, yes. BUT WE’VE GOT THIS

: respecting your natural ability and your never, never, evers.
We each have our delicious, natural joys and our Never, never, evers. Being well-rounded? It’s a myth. DIVERSITY RULES

: would you sell your sofa to get closer to your dream?
a short story about doing whatever it takes.

A young entrepreneur, clutching a mic. A room full of affluence, cameras, bright lights. Thirty seconds to convince one of the wealthiest moguls on earth to give her a meeting. And a momma back home, with no sofa to sit on, rooting for her baby girl to do WHATEVER IT TAKES

stoke your creativity.
script your success.


With Love,