A question we all want the answer to: If we can’t rush the healing, how do we handle the pain?

Learning to not push away my pain—the physical and emotional, has been one of my greatest-hardest-most luminous learnings. It’s walking toward Acceptance—capital “A” Acceptance, the Soul Quality,  And it really has upleveled my LIFE.

Here’s a highlight from our HOW TO HEAL FOR REAL WORKSHOP. V.S., our metaphysical practitioner and I built out a teaching about resistance and dis-ease. This was my most highly attended and embraced class to date.

I’ll walk you through a powerful metaphor for how the mind spins pain into full blown suffering. And how we can keep our emotional waters cleaner, more stable and able to handle emotional and health storms.

Attachment plays a big role in our pain… and healing. WITH LOVE, DANIELLE (Eps 110) is ready for you… to heal.

All the way,