My friends…

Put it in park and reverse it. And by that I mean: pausing is (very) powerful.

How to get to your calm kind of power 
A LIVE Q+A with Danielle LaPorte
Tuesday, June 29
3pm PT | 5pm ET

Bring your journal. We’re rolling through: 

  • How to melt the inner fears/stories/judgements that keep us from slowing down.

  • Why working our tails off is draining us of our LIFE FORCE (it’s actually not about exhaustion).

  • How to significantly reduce doubt and anxiety… such a simple switch.

  • Avoiding the one emotional place that is never, ever, ever useful. Ever.

The last 10-minutes, we’ll open it up for Q+A… Ask me anything.

We’ll also have a special offer for everyone who joins the call—I really want to just tell you what it is because it’s so lovely, but the team says wait until the call… please come, so I can share the joy!


For an even deeper tap on your true power… The Heart Centered Membership. It’s a monthly Soul bath that blasts our lives wide open with honesty and maturity.

Doors are open right now. And this month all practices are centered around INNOCENCE—the blazing soul fire that cleans up our lives. With a spirit lifting perspective on… guilt.

Your Heart is GENIUS. But she’s hard to hear when we’re shouting out goals, looping in comparison thinking, striving to be more spiritual… and… and… and…

Slow down, love—your Wisdom has a message for you.

With Love,

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