Any month that kicks off with Canada Day is bound to be winner. July brought softness, light, and an island vacation — and some fast + furious book deadline crunching.

: summer love + a soft soundtrack for creating: a letter.
I (almost) never write “Hello, universe — it’s me, Danielle” public diary entries. They make me uncomfortable. But if you’re curious about my inner (and aural) soundtrack this summer, I’M A WIDE OPEN BOOK

: 49 promo ideas. simple, grand + the tried n’ true.
From blazing testimonials and year-long experiments to e-signature optimization and gratitude parties, there’s an infinite number of ways to package your greatness, and promote your gifts. Here’s 49 of ‘em. GO BUCK-WILD

: honor your writing + sell your book. a workshop with linda sivertsen
Linda Sivertsen helped me land a top flight literary agent (which led to a quarter-mil book deal for a new print edition of The Fire Starter Sessions), and she’s a bonafide literary-industry-goddess. If Ms. Sivertsen held a retreat at Carmel-By-the-Sea where she works her literary magic on ya,…wouldn’t you want to be there? Uh-huh. Thought so. Scope out the details and GRAB YOUR SPOT

face the light (and pack even lighter).