SACRED WEEKENDS: lifestyle + devotional with Danielle LaPorte
| June 21, 2024

SACRED WEEKENDS comes out two Fridays a month—for deep seekers who want to keep it real. Light and sometimes lite, only available here! All for Love, Danielle xo


  • Friday: Our lives are relationships, love accordingly.
  • Saturday: Self intimacy journaling Q’s
  • Sunday: Our Summer of Love workshops!
  • The Week: Astro notes + karma check
Friday Love


We’re kicking off the Summer of Love with a FREE relationship mini course:

THE HEART OPENER: 4 Teachings for Courageous Intimacy—with Yourself and Pretty Much Everyone

You’ll get instant access to my 4-part micro video series + questions to get you thinking-feeling-healing:

  • DAY 1: Self Compassion Scripting
  • DAY 2: Ego vs. Soul Relationships
  • DAY 3: Accepting the Ebb + Flow
  • DAY 4: The Side Effects of Manipulation
  • BONUS: Summer Solstice Meditation ✨

You can keep this mini course for life. Rewatch as often as you’d like.

Saturday Do

YOU for YOU Qs.

13 questions to improve your relationship with YOURSELF—and… everyone. 

V.S. and I stitched together an DIY inquiry for you. (V.S. is the metaphysical practitioner I collab with on meditations and a lot of our Heart Centered Membership content.)

Journal, contemplate. Every question is open to your interpretation. 

These questions are asking HOW you think or behave, not why. For example, you’re not writing about the reasons you “hate yourself” or “honour yourself.” Just observe your ways of thinking, speaking, acting. Don’t get pulled into analyzing why you do what you do—just witness.

Very practical suggestion: 

  1. Screenshot this question list. Copy and paste them into a phone note. Or print out 12 copies and tuck them into your journal. 
  2. Return to these questions at the end of every month. This type of inquiry is the healing work. Healing protocols can be this simple—you might not need another workshop or self help book, my love—just some regular, deep inquiry, pencil to paper. I’m committing to doing this regularly with you. I’ll check in with you!
  • How do you respect yourself?
  • How do you honour yourself?
  • How do you intentionally embrace the shadowy aspects of yourself?
  • How do you love yourself?
  • How do you hate yourself?
  • How do you berate yourself?
  • How do you let yourself down?
  • How do you qualify success and failure?
  • What virtues + values do you emphasize in yourself?
  • What qualities do you embody?
  • Do your thoughts, words and actions match each other?
  • How many ways do you harm yourself?
  • What old, habitual tendencies are you willing to dissolve?
Sunday Devotion

It’s THE SUMMER OF LOVE! (in every hemisphere…)

I think too many relationship how-tos are actually subtle manipulation tactics to get our needs met. Boom.

Boundaries that become barriers. Standards that become love-blockers. Lack of acceptance disguised as self empowerment. We’re all better off without that game-playing.

Here’s the divine irony: fewer ego-strategies get us more real Love.
There’s something bigger than our individual hurts and needs—it’s THE RELATIONSHIP ITSELF. The third entity that requires us to learn to both give AND receive. This applies to all types of relationships.

Get ready for some exclamation points:
💖 We can have harmony and emotional intimacy in all its forms!
💖 We can have so many of our needs met!
💖 We can have laughter on tap!
💖 We can be seen, heard, understood… more than ever!

But we can’t do it with blamey-shamey, unconsciousness ultimatums. We need to get intimate with our shadow sides. We need to be courageous with our light and love. These are teachable life skills.

Self compassion is the door-opener to excellent relationships.

💖 Self-protection is fuelled by deep love, not anger or fear.
💖 “Self” care includes more than our small self identities.
💖 EMOTIONAL INTIMACY… is the two way street we all want to walk.
💖 And there’s so much Compassion––more than you thought you had, and more effective than you may have considered.

Heart centered relating is the relief we’re looking for in therapy sessions, and from our friends-bosses-exes-families. It’s what every Soul in this hurting, beautiful world is meant to experience.

Take this summer to learn about your gorgeous, loving nature…
To let some relationsh*t go…
To get your needs met… with Love.

I’ve created a gorgeous workshop sequence for the next 3 months! And all of this is available as AUDIOBOOKS!

💖 June: Actually Healthy Validation
💖 July: Overcoming Rejection
💖 August: A Resentment Detox (I saved the hardest work for last)

Doors close 11:59pm PST on June 30, 2024. And that’s not scarcity marketing. That’s how we’re creating sacred space for The Summer of Love kick off and beyond. Join us. 

Pricing is extra special. $25 USD/month for our Life track. $75 USD/month if you want the Business Track meetings.

Here’s to Loving it ALL! (it’s the only way anything changes.)


Week Flow


☀️ Yesterday, Thursday, June 20 kicked off Summer Solstice! Fresh energy, expansion!
🌝 Friday, June 21 is a Full Moon at 6:10pm PT — ideal day for Write + Burn
🪐 Saturn Retrograde in Pisces, June 29 through November 15
🔵 Neptune Retrograde in Pisces, July 2 through December 7
🌑 New Moon in Cancer, Friday, July 5 — so do your Write + Burn on Thursday July 4 (after y’all Americans come home from Fireworks 🙂)

Wisdom from V.S.:

  • Solstice (hemisphere dependent) allows us to tap into our Solar nature, our innermost Divinity so that we may embody our virtues and inner riches to their utmost.
  • Saturn retrograde in Pisces will encourage us to be strong as Saturn, the Master, the Teacher, the Ruler will balance out (neutralize) our karma so that we may forge ahead with our dreams.
  • Neptune retrograde in Pisces will nudge us at re-examining our shadow with regards to external influences like news, media, and inner influences like spirituality and synthesis.

The Write + Burn practice for the New Moon is HERE FOR YOU.




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To this Summer of Love and beyond!

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