SACRED WEEKENDS: lifestyle + devotional with Danielle LaPorte
| February 23, 2024

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Friday Love


I recently wrote/reeld about leaving a yoga class for the first time ever. 

So many people jumped on to share their stories. I was amazed how unified women were (61,000 of us) in our earnest struggle to stay or go, to restrain or to liberate ourselves. But this was extra heartening: it seemed that in every case when we chose to bail, we did it with the love. Grace in frustration is pure power. 

So many life (jobs, relationships, places…) metaphors in these yoga class experiences. Can you see yourself in here?

“The number of places Ive stayed just because I thought it was the more mature thing to do have taught me self-trust so I can actually just bounce when its appropriate. Seeing it through taught me that sometimes its *not* worth it to see it through.” – IG @karis.cains

“Occasionally Ill feel the need to leave a class. I used to hesitate not wanting to offend the instructor (I am a yoga instructor too so I have empathy) but if I think something about a class is compromising my physical or mental health, Im out. Its empowering to leave a situation that doesnt feel right. #metaphor” – IG @omy.yogagirl

“Years ago I left a yoga class taught by my—at the time—favourite teacher when I realized I was in there trying to gain her approval and hurting my body in the process. Never went to an in person yoga class again and I feel so happy about that.” – IG @nancyvanrijn 

“Felt out of sync. Not enough. And I said to myself, ‘Just get up and go. Youre not feeling it. Youre in your head. Thats ok.’ But I stayed. So as not to offend. And I fumbled and I left grumpy, which is the opposite of why we go.” – IG @erinhawaii

“Im a yoga teacher and left. It felt powerful to trust.” – IG @denizstrenski


I walked out of a yoga class this week. 30 years of classes and there have been times when I was sooo tempted to bounce, but never have. 

In the past, when I pushed through my agitation with an instructor, I was mostly glad for it. Moved my bod and loved everyone by savasana time. 

Not this time. That month [I was travelling for 4 weeks] had been a cathartic pendulum of torture and beauty for me. 

So Im layin on my mat as instructor tells us to like, “feel the energetic energy and lean into the energy of the energies…” kind of thing, and I guess I did not need that particular assignment. Because I was starting to bubble with rage. This was not the eye-roll kind of stuff. It was rage.

And I thought, “Gahhh, this torture theme again!” And then I thought, “I dont need to push through this. No. More. Pushing.” And then I asked, “What would Love do, Danielle?”

And so my butt n love tip toed right outta there. 

Most people were supine with their eyes closed. Some latecomers were glad to take my mat over. I thought, if she asks why Im leaving Ill tell a karma-free lie and rub my belly as if to say, “tummy trouble.”

And in that moment, it wasnt about the instructor at all. In fact when I got out of the shala I felt utter gratitude for her. She helped me NOT PUSH THROUGH. Thank you!

I went and meditated by the water. I ate some pineapple. I chose love.

Maybe on the next trigger-asana, Ill choose to stay for the class. 

Wisdom works on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes we bend, sometimes we bounce.

Listen to your heart,

Saturday Do


ORIGIN is one of the most impactful, brutal, beautiful films Ive ever seen. It will shift the way you see history, it will uplevel your awareness of our interconnectedness. Its the anatomy of human cruelty and ignorance. Its a love story intermingled with racial issues, intelligentsia bypassing, and grief. The woman sitting next to me in the theater sobbed with me. At times, it made me feel the shame of being human. I left feeling better equipped for navigating these. This movie requires a psychological investment. Go with a friend.

The movie revolves around the book Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents, by Isabel Wilkerson. Her thesis is that its not racism that divides humanity, but caste systems that show up everywhere. “Origin” aims to link the violent repercussions of American slavery to the horrific crimes of the Holocaust to Indias degrading caste system in a narrative that combines gnawing grief with a cyclical sense of history.” ( Its brilliant.

Ava DuVernay (the writer-director, and my girl crush… so intelligent and persevering… and I really want her stylist), could not initially get funding for this film from the big houses. So she raised it herself through foundations and donors. Distribution of the film remains limited so just to go see ORIGIN in a theater is a small act for healing. If you see it, please spread the word. If you want it to come to a theater near you, please spread the word.

Sunday Devotion

When we use affirmations to try to escape from a reality that we don’t love, we create more struggle.

Heres a Sunday listen for you. LATEST PODCAST: 4 Things to Know BEFORE You Say Affirmations

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