SACRED WEEKENDS: lifestyle + devotional with Danielle LaPorte
| March 15, 2024


  • Friday: Evolving from toxic to The Balanced Masculine. Plus a playlist for enlightening dudes.
  • Saturday: 4 films + 1 pod in search of healing men
  • Sunday: What shall we do on Spring Equinox?
  • The Week: Ramp up to Mercury Retrograde + my new private prayer portal
Friday Love


The terms “toxic patriarchy” and “toxic masculinity” have their place. Like say, in describing the psychotic corporate political greed that exploits humanity and Mother Nature to the point of pillaging and decimation. Like that. And… like all contemporary terms, they can be misused and overused.

In the next SACRED WEEKENDS (Friday, March 29 I Issue 12) I’m going to talk all about honouring the Feminine. Today, though, is dedicated to the gentlemen. And the not so gentle men.

I was at a gig for women entrepreneurs and spoke right before my dear friend, Mark Groves. I went OFF about toxic masculinity. And then very mindfully in his talk following me, Mark pointed out that being told how men are f*cking up all the time isn’t very… inspiring. NOTED.

What’s the opposite of toxicity? Balance.

So how about this terminology?: Balanced Masculine + Imbalanced Masculine. That phrasing is much less aggressive and way more inviting—which is what we want from most men AND women, yes? Yes.

V.S. our metaphysical practitioner on Team D, and I have a refreshed definition of the healthy masculine that we can all aspire to:

The Balanced Masculine 
: is an energy that shows up as pure depth, conscious awareness, and presence
: embodies deep integrity, wholeness.
: aims to live a life of Truth
: practices reflection—which is to say, Heart Centered living
: creates safe containers for self and others
: maintains balance between competition + cooperation
: acts as a nucleus and hub of contemplation, of peace, of harmony
: is responsive to and takes responsibility for all externalized thoughts, speech and actions.


I curated something for enlightened dudes and inner masculine vibes. Matisyahu, to The Stones and John Craige, with a kiss goodbye from Sinead: The Balanced Masculine Playlist. 12 song mix on Spotify just for SACRED WEEKEND’ers.

Saturday Do


I’m often struck by the males in positions of social power, some with phenomenal wealth, champions in their industry, grown ass hunks and effectual leaders… who are suffering from a hard case of arrested development because of the classic “father wound.” Pushing for approval. Win at any cost. Striving that stems from the scarring of having mentally and/or physically abusive fathers. 

Can you spot the Balanced + Imbalanced Masculine?

While I’m here, I’d like to put in a vote that most documentaries would be better served to have a male + female team doing the interviewing. The juiciest terrain—relationships and the inner shadow, is usually untapped because it’s all the men asking all the men the questions. All us ladies are on the sidelines thinking, “Ask him about his WIFE! And when’s the last time he cried, and how much money is enough?” Mmmhmm. 

Balanced Masculine requires some Balanced Feminine.

Sunday Devotion


Equinoxes (Spring + Fall) are a beautiful time to celebrate our inner equilibrium, our balance with our inner + outer worlds. Equinoxes are a time to reflect on transformation, and how our own resistance to change can barricade the ebb and flow of life. 

When the yin + yang energies within us (feminine + masculine) are in balance, then our inner fragments become unified. And that’s what inner peace feels like. Then from that inner peace, so much of our shadow, disturbances and projections dissolve. All the stuff that can create disharmony and divisiveness in our outer relationships starts to melt away. Equinoxes are an occasion to let go of blocks to peace and hold ourselves and others in Loving Kindness.

I’m doing a Spring Equinox Meditation. It’s a direct way to nourish our inner Light––your True Nature, and then pour that healing outward. You are the Light, and this is the light work.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024
7am PT l 10am ET

:sunny: SAVE YOUR SEAT FOR ONLY $20 USD :sunny:

Group meditation in a private, virtual sanctuary. 
Half of all proceeds will be donated to V-Day.

Week Flow


🌷 Spring Equinox – March 20
🌕 Full Moon in Libra – March 25 @ 12:00am PT | 3:00am ET
💫 Mercury Retrograde – April 1 to 25 /// Shadow period a week before and after
🌑 New Moon in Aries – April 8 @ 11:21am PT | 2:21pm ET




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🎧 Lex Fridman Podcast Interviewing prize fighter, Teddy Atlas
📽️ Sly, the documentary by Sylvester Stallone
💵 Bitconned
🎬 All of Us Strangers
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