SACRED WEEKENDS: lifestyle + devotional with Danielle LaPorte
| March 29, 2024

SACRED WEEKENDS comes out two Fridays a month—for deep seekers who want to keep it real. Light and sometimes lite, only available here. xo D


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Friday Love


Last SW Issue 11 we talked about switching out the term, “toxic masculinity” for “imbalanced vs balanced masculinity.” Less aggressive and more… motivating.

We keep in mind that these energies dance in both males + females…

The imbalanced feminine can be a cloying mess. Manipulative from the neediest place—unable to hold space for other’s needs and strengths. Watery and lacking clarity—which can make for impulsivity. Where the Balanced Feminine receives with trust, the imbalanced feminine is on hyper-strive.

The Balanced Feminine

: expresses creativity + manifestation power
: surrenders to the Higher Principle
: adaptable, flexible, in the Flow
: rests in authenticity
: playful
: intuitive
: always holding space for growth and expansion
: in rhythm with the vibrational essence of sound + light
: the healthy Feminine is radiant, magnetic and deeply grounded in the center of Her Mandala, receiving and/or transmuting that which comes Her Way.

This reminds me of one of my favourite artists, Louise Bourgeois, “I transform hate into love,. That’s what makes me tick.” Queen.

The Balanced Masculine 

: is an energy that shows up as pure depth, conscious awareness, and presence
: embodies deep integrity, wholeness.
: aims to live a life of Truth
: practices reflectionwhich is to say, Heart Centered living
: creates safe containers for self and others
: maintains balance between competition + cooperation
: acts as a nucleus and hub of contemplation, of peace, of harmony
: is responsive to and takes responsibility for all externalized thoughts, speech and actions.

A Teaching from Team D’s Metaphysical Practitioner, V.S.:

The Divine Feminine Archetype is the Great Receptor. 

To be the embodiment of Love, the embodiment of magnetism (which is another way of saying “Divine Love”), to be the receptacle—the container that receives, is to realize the truth of trust and surrender.

Trust and surrender together = the Great Divine Feminine Archetype. There is nothing to do when being the embodiment of the Divine Mother. 

Perhaps there’s a need to refine the processes of faith, conviction, and trust, and to surrender. Every wish is ever present. Every aspiration is fiercely delivered. The vessel must be open to receiving—and this by trusting and surrendering. The portal known as the Heart, the Kingdom must be magnetized and energized every single day so that its potency expands in size and dimension. The Heart is **already one with all things. Hence there is no need to push for, or constantly project forcefully for something.  The Heart is **already one with all things. Let this truth sink in. Then allow for the Receptacle to receive in fullness. — V.S.

Saturday Do


Can you spot the Balanced + Imbalanced Feminine?

  1. Far From The Madding Crowd: A gorgeous portrayal of one woman, Bathsheba, coming into her deep balance as she’s pursued by the business man, the soldier, and the shepherd.
  2. Elizabeth: This is a brilliant examination of a woman—and her advisors, coming into their power… the trust and sacrifices of leadership.
  3. Orlando: Gender-bending, multi incarnational trippin’ with Tilda Swinton, based on a Virginia Woolf novel. Come ON!
  4. Thelma + Louise: Thelma grew up and Louise got tender. Balancing.
  5. Love to Love You, Donna Summer: When is wielding feminine energy in or out of balance?
  6. Dangerous Beauty: Concubines and poetic independent ladies.

Speaking of women coming into balance… I’m heartened to see how many women are finding out the effects of breast implants and doing what needs to be done for their health. I have such compassion for this process. Grass is always greener… I’m a 36D and always envied my girlfriends who could play soccer braless and wear slip dresses. No need to debate how we all perceive deficiencies and beauty. We’re neurotic and grateful in equal measure.

But we can’t debate the effects of breast implants on millions of women. Brain fog, full-body inflammation, fatigue, “mystery illnesses” that the doctors can’t place but disappear when the implants are removed. Please share this info far and wide with the sisters you love. 

Thank you to Robyn Towt for wrangling all of these resources!



Sunday Devotion

Show Me How to Love Myself

— a Devotion, Danielle

Show me how to love myself truly and entirely.

Show me how to eat, sleep and move my body 
for nourishment, restoration, celebration. 
Show me how to embody everything that is my joy.

Face me toward my Soul 
my innocence,
my beauty,
my strength,
my gifts.

Show me what I knew before I took on the veils of human form.
Show me who I am with no attachments, and who I am fulfilled.

Rinse comparison from my psyche,
lift my gaze to my Higher Self.
On the dark days, just remind me that I am a good person
and that I was chosen to be here.
Please affirm that I am valued regardless of my productivity or my past.

Help me notice how my Loving shows up in everyday doings.
Help me see how I make a positive difference to the atmosphere of Life itself.
Show me how to revel in my Divine qualities
and to give them generously to the world.

Support me to make empowered choices 
that are the best for my body, mind, and spirit.
Help me integrate the parts of myself that I’ve abandoned
so that I move forward, fuller and wise.

There is formula for forgiveness.
Help me mix it and drink it,
first bringing the cup to my own lips, 
to loosen and wash away what I’ve held against myself.

Help me shift my relationship to deserving
so that I tend to my needs with incredible sweetness.

Guide me to knowing my magnificence, that I will transform
self-doubt into courage
denial into resolve
brittleness into fluidity
criticism into adoration
proving into honouring
striving into trusting
constriction into allowing
harshness into an embrace that is greater than time.

Week Flow

Get with the planets + astro flow

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