SACRED WEEKENDS: lifestyle + devotional with Danielle LaPorte
| April 26, 2024

SACRED WEEKENDS comes out two Fridays a month—for deep seekers who want to keep it real. Light and sometimes lite, only available here. xo D


  • Friday: A documentary for Creatives, and some assurance that joy is at the bottom of all this human existence.
  • Saturday: A playlist owed to The Goddess.
  • Sunday: My big, new healing move, “ANYTHING SUNDAYS”. You in?
  • The Week: shadows will be lifting, and I have a first-ever invite for entrepreneurs!
Friday Love


Just read: Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business by Jenny Blake. Takeaway: “Delightfully Tiny Teams” are where it’s at!

Watched: The Playlist. On Netflix, the story of the birth of Spotify. Candy for entrepreneurs.

Melted my heart: “Every saint who has penetrated to the core of reality has testified that there always exists a divine universal plan and that it is beautiful and full of joy.” 
– Paramhansa Yogananda 

Still loving: My Higher Dose red light therapy mask—it really helps with melasma!


The past year, I’ve taken my business down to the studs and am rebuilding everything (everything!). We’ve turned over every folder of our digital universe and I’m getting ready to sunset a lot so I can sunrise a LOT. 🌅

(And pssst… last chance to get those virtual business classes before they’re gone for good.)

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Saturday Do


In Issue 11 of SACRED, we talked about toxic patriarchy healing and so I made THE BALANCED MASCULINE Playlist for… humanity.

In Issue 12 of SACRED, we focused on the Divine Feminine, and I just realized I didn’t curate a playlist for the Goddess. Here you have it! From a little cover of I Would Die For You to De Sancta Maria… This one’s for play, and curves, and creation, and flow, and mama Mama MAMA energy.

Sunday Devotion



I’ve started a new “practice” for my personal healing. I’m calling it… ANYTHING SUNDAYS. (Just writing about it almost makes me cry.)

This is it: I do ANYTHING I WANT on Sunday. 

I suspend all spiritual striving and karma-burning focus. If I want to sleep in, I sleep in. If I want to scroll, I scroll. If I want to do my Gratitude list sitting on my linen zabuton cushion (use LAPORTE15 for 15% OFF at b halfmoon) looking at the ocean while listening to Led Zeppelin… I’m doin’ it. Just smoothies, potato chips, Netflix, an hour long Golden Body Light Visualization, wake up and organize my bathroom cabinet IMMEDIATELY… anything I want. I don’t give preference to my circadian rhythm or auric field. 

This would be tricky (but not impossible) to do if I had a young one to look after. I’ve been doing this for about 5 weeks. Maybe it will morph into a LIFESTYLE of doing pretty much anything I want. Self-help anarchy!

The results are fascinating.

1) Anything Sundays remind me about Unconditional Love.

It’s not so much about staying in bed all day, it’s about turning down the performance pressure—WITHOUT GUILT. If you’re going to do ANYTHING SUNDAYS for yourself, the key is that your do it all without guilt or fear. Offer the guilt upward to the divine and get on with the day.

I said to God, “I’m doin’ this, cover me. I don’t even really care what your opinion is on the matter. I know, I know… UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Right. In the history of timeless eternity, me chillin’ muggle-style one day a week will not upset the natural order of things. I’ll breathe… actually… I think I’ll NOT answer my texts, make a snack, and watch old Prince interviews.” 

2) Anything Sundays show me my neuroses. That deep impulse to get better at getting better. 

3) Anything Sundays show me what brings me to life. Once my rebellion was off-gassed, I actually WANTED to get on the yoga mat. I write my Gratitude list more slowly and intentionally. My meal prep feels more prayerful. 

The “spiritual” things slipped off of my to-do list and into my being-ness. The head gives way to the heart.

4) ALL THE THINGS appear to be more “spiritual things.” From popsicles and rom-coms to Sunday mantras and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Sri Swami Satchidananda.

I’m sure this is the direct result of relaxing into the Unconditional Love that’s waiting for me 7-days a week… for eternity.

Week Flow

Get with the planets + astro flow

✨ Mercury Retrograde Shadow until Friday, May 3
🌑 New Moon in Taurus on Monday, May 7

The Write + Burns practice for the new moon is HERE FOR YOU.

Mercury Retrograde went direct on April 25, 2024. Remember the shadow period lasts a week after, so personally, I’m considering myself clear for contract-signing and launches on Friday, May 3. 

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When you actively take care of your unhealed self, you unlock massive life energy. The ancient teachings to psych 101 all get down to Shadow work, which is Light work, which is really INNER CHILD WORK. 

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Gentle, steady,

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