SACRED WEEKENDS: lifestyle + devotional with Danielle LaPorte
| November 24, 2023

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Staying open in order to heal. How I’m taking care of myself in these wild times. A short prayer, and my new way of organizing my wellness. And some healing music and good movies. All makes for a sacred weekend! xo

Friday Love


We’re existing in curation culture. It’s everyone’s right to present their best side to the world, swipe on a peach-hued filter, keep the vibe high. I appreciate all of that (except we could dial down the peachy filters.) But…

Healing is an unfiltered experience. In fact, healing usually burns off most of our filters. 
Changing your mind about something (especially in public or in contrast to your gang) is messy. It’s good to stay open.
Forward motion choices require us to make friends with our old ways of being. It’s good to stay open.
If we’re not accepting of what’s arising within us, we won’t heal properly. Because… what happens to the inner content that we’re blocking and rejecting and deflecting? Where does our shame go? Where does the pain of that argument with your friend get tucked? Where do all of the horrible war images we see online that we can’t unsee… where does that shock and sorrow go?
It settles into our bodies. And it hovers in our auric fields and becomes magnetic. The stress latches onto our nervous system and we drag it into every single interaction.
Some of the stress needs to be held lightly so it’s acknowledged and then woosh, it can pass through. Some of it needs to be hugged for a long time. All of it needs to be loved as is––unfiltered.


  1. I’m getting out of bed as soon as I wake up. That’s an obvs habit for lot’s of you, but for some of us, the snuggle bunnies prone to overwork… we like to burrow and ruminate for a good while and THEN take on the world. I’ve been trusting my body and getting up before sunrise. It makes me feel both capable and held at the same time.

  2. I light a candle in the bathroom every morning. The mundane becomes sacred. This is my favourite candle company.

  3. Rooibos tea helps regulate cortisol (our stress hormone). Cuppaday.

  4. I’ve been crying. A lot. Without any judgment. I’m not a big crier at this stage of my life but with raging wars, I’ve been… crying a lot. And it’s been so good. These tears are regulating my nervous system. I’m grateful for the release.

  5. I’ve been making daily notes in this checklist I created: BODY + MIND + EMOTIONS + RELATIONSHIPS + SOUL. This is the spine of THE NOURISH SYSTEM program I’m releasing. It’s … relaxing. I’ll tell you more about in SUNDAY.

  6. I’ve been listening to this Frequency of God 963 Hz track on YouTube on my laptop while I write (it’s playing now!)
Saturday Do

I also did some conscious zoning out the last two weeks (the healthier version of numbing out). A friend gifted us her palatial place in Hawaii so after swimming in salty Mama Gaia liquid Love (warm oceans are my bliss), and teaching the Business Unfurled Masterclass (which was ⭐⭐⭐⭐ awesome), we did a lot of Netflix and papaya.

  • Pain Hustlers with Emily Blunt and Chris Evans. Big pharma is so phucked. Acting is great, story is NOW.

  • The Mustang with Matthias Schoenaerts (hunk alert). Human rage and equine power, with a twist of redemption. (Watch on Netflix or rent on Amazon Prime)

  • Beckham. So watchable. I’ve fallen for Becks + Posh. Did not see that coming. (Netflix original docu-series)
Sunday Devotion

A prayer.

I call on The Infinite with sincerity:
Thank you for helping me to receive and give Love.

May we dissolve all fear, grievances,
and striving that obscure us from the full effects of Love.

I open my mind to bask in the light of my Soul.
I open my heart to radiate Divine Love.
I open my life to healing communion.

May all be so blessed.

(I made you a Love Note of this prayer so you can print it out! xo)

I’ve been focused on healing my nervous system for the last five years. I had anxiety waves, was waking up with suicidal thoughts, and the brain fog was driving me crazy––always reaching to remember. Exhausting.
I was sooo tired, but sooo wired. 
Tending to my fried nervous system became my #1 priority. And I did it my way: spiritually-centered with a functional medicine back beat. 
If something works for me, I turn it into a system and I share it. That’s how The Desire Map happened, and our Heart Centered Leadership Program. I experience it, and I make it into a system. 
So… I’ve taken all of my healing how-to’s, and in my organized Virgo way; teaming up with V.S. our team energy healer, and with great design I’ve made something rather substantial:
It’s a guided program + methodology to support your nervous system.
Is it right on time, or what?!
I recently taught a class on how regulating your nervous system is key to upleveling every relationship in your life. You can watch the class here (for free!) AND get $50 off THE NOURISH SYSTEM program and 3 months free in our Heart Centered Membership!
Week Flow
  • Monday, November 27, 2023, Full Moon in Gemini @1:16 am PT | 4:16 am ET 
  • Tuesday, November 28, 2023: THE NOURISH SYSTEM begins! SIGN UP HERE

Signing off with, Love.
May all the suffering on the planet lead to mercy.
May our Love be our defiance.

Rest and play, friends.



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