SACRED WEEKENDS: lifestyle + devotional with Danielle LaPorte
| January 12, 2024
Friday Love



Since a lot of us are in the process of visioning and planning, I wanted to get all righteous about HEART CENTERED MANIFESTING before we lock in our quarterly objectives and spruce our bucket lists.

The science + art of manifesting gets distorted in the personal development space. Our “small self” tends to think, “What can I manifest for meee, ASAP?” And THAT’S what keeps us on a hamster wheel of self abandonment and striving—it’s also the basis of global greed exploitation. 

There’s ONE question that shifts all manifesting for all of us: Who could benefit from or be harmed by my creation, and how?


Ego driven goals come from our unhealed, shadow parts. They’re often about proving something to ourselves, to society or a higher power—which ultimately creates division within us and the people around us. 

ME. What can I get for me?

Ego-based goals are typically about needing to achieve something in order to feel “worthy.” We’re transacting for attention and validation.

Reaching ego-centered goals is only temporarily satisfying. The hungry ghost of the unhealed self is rarely fulfilled and scans for the next goal to hit… and the next…

Heart Centered Visions come from your Love of interconnection. You see the interdependence of all things. Your vision feels joyful, connected to everyone. You can see the positive ripple effect and it inspires you.

US. How will this affect us?

It’s simple: the manifestation of your happiness includes the manifestation of other’s happiness. You getting what you want naturally benefits others.


I’ve been in a number of situations where I kept obsessively affirming, “It’s going to work out, it’s going to work out,” and ya know… it didn’t even come close to working out. I thought it was my deep abiding cosmic faith that kept me hanging in when things were clearly failing, but it was really just a case of sticky wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking is a craving entanglement. The small self wants what it wants out of fear that it will disintegrate if it doesn’t get it. 

Craving… wishing. Craving… denial. Craving… tolerating. It’s a wishous cycle.

I’ve learned that in terms of desire, the best prayer is to ask to desire the right things—the things that are aligned with the Soul’s point of view.


  1. Ask your Higher Self what to want for. Ask to desire the right things, and by “right” we mean interdependent, goodwill, truly loving and joyful. Pray on it. Journal about it. Get aligned.
  2. Ask: Who could benefit from or be harmed by my creation, and how?

A higher desire is not about “aiming” at the target of what you want and not stopping ’til you get it. A heart centered approach to desire is about being open to your Soul’s guidance of what’s best for you—and for all beings. So, desire becomes much less motivational—“Do exactly this to get exactly that”—and entirely aspirational: “Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.” 

Our fulfillment is predicated on the content of our desires. Higher desire is a focus on higher-vibration states of being—virtues of heart—rather than worldly getting. Our focus includes the benefit of all beings, and we go about our manifesting with fierce gentleness.

Saturday Do

I saw some bad (popular) movies and misleading documentaries over my holiday and thought, “It’d actually be of service if I saved someone from watching this crap.” 

I have a long standing practice of NOT publicly discussing/posting about products + entertainment that I don’t like. Taste is personal, people work hard on their art, the world is rife with cynics and critics and I don’t want the negative karma.

But geez Louise, can we talk about some CRITICAL THINKING? Lot of Netflix documentaries are puff pieces to make the subject look like a total hero. Or the docs are so agendized. It’s the right of any filmmaker to underscore their POV. But it’s a slippery slope into propaganda—which is in full force these days. (Do you know, I get shadowbanned if I use the word “censorship” in an Instagram post? 🙄)

3 POVs WHEN WATCHING DOCUMENTARIES (or reading “studies”, or “news” or… all media all of the time from anywhere)

  • Follow the money.
    Who funded it or distributes the information? Who’s going to profit from the message? How are the profiteers connected? Who do the profiteers want to crush? You know, like when the dairy association funds the study that proves that milk is good for you. Hunh.
  • What’s the message take-away… the actual agenda?
    Is there a counter argument portrayed? Dissenting voices? How are any dissenting voices portrayed? As crazy or conspiratorial?
  • What’s left unanswered? I’ll have some fresh documentary suggestions for you in the next SACRED issue!

I’ll have some fresh documentary suggestions for you in the next SACRED issue!

Sunday Devotion

If we’re working on shifting from Ego driven goals to Heart Centered Visions, I have something for you. The Golden Blue Chalice Visualization is a really dynamic meditation that helps us align with the Universal Mind for clarity + healing.

I have a deep affinity for this practice. I worked with it every morning for almost a year. It’s a layered and detailed meditation. And once you get in the swing of it, it’s like dancing with light.

An “altar in your heart” is the center of this visualization. And it helps us come to realize that the heart chakra IS actually an altar. And what we give to the heart, we give over for healing.

28 cards. Print, post, tote. And everything on audio!

  • 28-card printable deck
  • 20 min guided audio practice with Danielle
  • Introduction + Theory audio with Danielle
  • Suggested Mantras
  • Suggested Postures + Breathing techniques
  • Moodboard (if you have trouble with visualizations, this is for you!)

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