SACRED WEEKENDS: lifestyle + devotional with Danielle LaPorte
| January 26, 2024

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Friday Love


I’ve been staying in a small town in Central America for January and in a word, it’s been CATHARTIC. That’s my spiritually tidy term for what the fawwwk. 

It’s been rough and beautiful and not what I wanted. I’m on the other side of it and feeling—truly—grateful and much more gracious with the challenges of… a major bronchial situation; intermittent power, water and toilet function in our abode; delirious-hilarious lack of sleep due to roosters, motorbikes and burning garbage. And what’s a holiday without a relationship bumpy, grumpy, not very romantic, true love forever breakthrough?

Wherever you go, there you are. 

Two of my most healing revelations came in two, two-word sets. May they be useful for you when you’re giving yourself a hard time for suffering.

“Of course.”


“So what?”

I’m laying in bed, sweaty, 3am coughing hard into a towel so as not to wake up my man. So sick. Sickest in ages. It’s been a week of agony, of berating myself for getting sick when the whole point of going somewhere warm for a month was for my health… I was just on my knees and that’s when the Compassion kicked in. It’s usually the last tool we reach for.

I switched up my narrative: “Of course this is hard, Danielle. Of course this is disappointing. Of course the chemicals and smoke did you in. Of course you’re sad. Of course, love.” I held my hand on my heart/aching lungs and just poured on the Love. 

Woke up feeling so much better. Healed, in fact. 

Compassion is the medicine for all suffering.

My man and I are in a veritable paradise for a few days (minus waking up under a canopy of gecko poo). An island, a cacao field, on a lake that acts like an ocean in a tree house with plumbing. Cue the romantic lighting. 

He’s a Fighter-Flighter. I’m a stone cold Freezer. So when we hit a bump, it’s fast n’ furious and then… it gets vewy, vewy quiet. So there I am feeling very right and very miserable, and EXTRA miserable because I’m at a tropical lodge with my tanned fiancé feeling miserable.

I sulked-skulked to my meditation position and you know what my Higher Self said to me?

So what?

“So you’re in paradise. You can be hurt and miserable and loving and tired wherever and whenever you need to be. Just feel your feelings.”

All further bypassing hence bypassed. 

We made up. Better than ever.


Whatever experience you’re having IS the spiritual experience.

Of course.

Saturday Do


“And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.” – Revelation 19:8

I started looking into the energetics of fabric this year. There have been a lot of studies done and they seem to come up legit and on the same page (Dr. Heidi Yellen, Dr. Phillip Callahan, Dr. Albert Abrams, and the big water researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto). What follows are the highlights of my research and as always, my righteous preferences. 

Fabrics have an energetic frequency—like everything on the planet. Much of our clothing is part plastic, made through highly chemicalized processes. We’re literally wrapping our largest organ (skin) in energy-blocking, toxic, substances.

Let’s start with the energetics. Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel laureate, and others measured energy patterns in people and found that, “average healthy humans” have a “signature frequency range” between 70 and 100 Hz (Hz = “Hertz” is 100 units of energy). HeartMath Institute has conducted similar research.

Human frequencies below 50 Hz were correlated with chronic diseases, and below 15 Hz were linked to individuals with so-called incurable conditions.

Dr. Heidi Yellen and others tested the frequencies of people when they interacted with particular fabrics. The general findings: 

Note: Fabric frequencies below 100 were shown to create stress in the body.

  • The human body = 70 to 100 Hz
  • Organic cotton = 70 to 110 Hz (there are apparently some studies showing that cotton can have up to 400 Hz)
  • Non-organic cotton, bleached or dyed = 40 to 70 Hz
  • Polyester (petroleum/crude oil) = up to 10 Hz
  • Rayon (wood pulp) = up to 15 Hz
  • Silk (boiled silkworms) = 15 Hz
  • Spandex, Lycra, elastane (polyurethane) = up to 15 Hz
  • Linen (flax) = 5,000 Hz (yes, 5,000)
  • Wool = 5,000 Hz
  • But! Apparently when wool + linen are combined, they nullify each other to a frequency of 0 Hz. 

Conclusion: Fabrics with higher frequencies can energize the body. Aka, biocompatible fabric is, “the ability to be in contact with a living system without producing an adverse effect.” We like this, yes? Yes, yes.


I found a great resource for organic linen on Etsy! Made to order in Europe, choose your colour, reasonably priced, arrives in about two weeks. 

This wrap skirt (only $52 USD, they run small, order up), this wrap dress ($76 USD) gets better every time you wash them. I shortened the belts on both of them when I got them. Less dangle.

And Cotton Flower Clothing in Cali makes this great genie style pant that don’t make me look like a smurf on her way to yoga. I got a medium, they fit true to size.

Sunday Devotion

Last SACRED WEEKENDS I promised you a documentary recco. I’m not a sporto but UNTOLD: BREAKING POINT on Netflix was brilliant to watch through the lens of personal development. And if I may: Every single one of the tennis players needs to be doing Inner Child healing work and meditating on the daily. Because FATHER ISSUES and shadow striving. Wowza. 

It doesn’t matter how big you ball, how hard you train, or how famous you get, Inner Child work is the only way to liberation and healing. 

(I’ve got something for that. The Love + Radiance Meditation helps us to meet our Inner Child with profoundly gentle, unwavering attention. Because as it turns out, spiritual maturity is about parenting ourselves.)


In astrology and nature, January is for rest, rejuvenation, and cleansing. It’s actually FEBRUARY’S LUNAR NEW YEAR that comes with a new wave of energy—a surge to plan, create, and manifest your aspirations.

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