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One of my least favourite behaviours of mine is withholding love. I’m hugely proud to say that it rarely happens. (If you’re going to boast about anything, let it be your capacity for loving.) But it still happens. It’s a reservedness that creeps over my usually boundless heart. I tell myself that staying quiet will give me shelter (from what?*), but it isn’t shelter at all. It’s a moment back in prison. Because in my personal heaven-on-earth, my voice, my arms, my paragraphs, my body, my eyes match the size of my heart. My love scales.

“*Intimacy changes everything. You can’t take the words back. You will be expanded and then you might default to shrinking back — and the shrink back is painful.
You might burn the other person with the light of your love. You might spur them to change and they might resent it.
You may be rejected.
More likely…
You may feel … home sweet home.
Small raptures that make your life sway.
The connection you crave filled up to the point of overflowing.
LOVE, lived.”


And you KNOW why. You know you’re going to remember that time you wrote the letter AND you sent it. When you held on longer at the door and buried your faces into each other’s necks and you cried your goodbye. And remember the time you drove back to say Thank you? That was amazing. And when you changed your departing flight — because what’s more important than more time together?

Unmuffle. Run back. Say it.

We’re always going to have a reason to not #TellThemNow . Whether it’s your dad, your mom, your sister, brother. Or your ex, new, or longtime Lover. Because there are scars and cavernous imperfections, and buttons that will always be pushed. So many buttons. But there’s always the Love. (If you didn’t love them, the wounding wouldn’t have happened in the first place.)

There’s always the Love. So much Love. The Love. Love. #TellThemNow

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