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From global leaders in our Heart Centered Leadership Program.
The exercises and workshop outlines in the Heart Centered Leadership program
are resourced from a lot of expertise and depth. This content is being used
in colleges, big consultancies, solo-preneur coaching practices and wellness programs.
Come in to see the beautiful systems we’ve built to help support your leadership in times
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Jacquie Costron

“Finding the Heart Centered curriculum was akin to finding the missing piece in my coaching practice.”

– Jacquie Costron, Business + Life Strategist
Kingston, Canada

Jacquie Costron

“Since the beginning of the Heart Centered Facilitator Training, I’ve felt the crusty beliefs eroding and noticed lovingly what comes up (fear, anger, despair, grief, confusion) when we chip away at what feels like a solid foundation. But how glorious it is when we land softly in the strong, flexible, infinite space of LOVE.” 

– Bree Luck, Transformational Coach
Charlottesville, VA

Jacquie Costron

“Thanks for giving us such clear tools that have profound effects on us as humans and as mums. I look forward to sharing these with my clients.” 

Dr. Farah Alelwani, Dentist + Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Julie Parker

I have been facilitating for more than two decades now but it is always a great thing to revise and review where you may be at – especially with new content. Appreciating the continuing self-reflection.”

Julie Parker, Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy
Melbourne, Australia

Adrianna Pienaar

I was hesitant to invest in a $2,000 course, but it’s been so worth it! I’ve received so much insight into what it means to live a heart centered life. Now, I have the tools to facilitate the work so that others in my business and life can benefit from it too. I’m softer, gentler, more forgiving and more giving. Mostly with myself. The ripple effect of letting go on heavy energy has opened up doors for me to come back home to myself. I feel like I’m more of myself now that I’ve ever been. I love living a Heart centered life. Sometimes it’s challenging but inevitably it pays off in spades.”

Adrianna Pienaar, Holistic Health + Wellness Coach 
Sydney, Australia

AnnMarie McKenzie

“Becoming a Heart-Centered Facilitator has taught me how to energetically align with my heart. In doing so I have connected with soul mate clients from around the world. Hit 5 figure months. Found cosmic love. Built a community of intuitive and impact driven entrepreneurs. Created my own course on the foundation of heart centered principles. My life and business have more meaning now. I’m living intentionally and fully alive and aligned with my purpose. I experience real pleasure and joy now and I am more free and abundant than I have ever been! The business circles for facilitators have been one of my favorite aspects about being a part of the community so far. I truly appreciate Danielle and Team D sharing their insights and wisdom on building heart centered businesses. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to expand their existing business OR step into the world of entrepreneurship in a meaningful way. This work is transformative. For yourself and everyone that you work with. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

AnnMarie McKenzie, Soulful Business Strategist
Vancouver, Canada

AnnMarie McKenzie

“Becoming a Heart Centered Facilitator is one of the best ways that I have ensured that I walk my talk. My self care practices and truly embodying the virtues is what allows me to share it with others in an authentic and natural way.”

– Sara Martin Madkour, Heart Centered Facilitator 
Saratoga Springs, USA

Claire Nabke

“As an experienced facilitator of psychological wellbeing workshops, I was very interested in the Heart Centered curriculum for my own self-care and ongoing mindfulness practice. What I was delighted to also discover as a Heart Centered Facilitator was a beautiful community of practice with ‘like-hearted’ individuals in diverse areas of practice who couldn’t wait to reach out and support each other with so much generosity and warmth.”

– Claire Nabke, Psychologist
Sydney, Australia

Melanie Toner

“I was worried that the Heart Centered Leadership Program would be another program that I wouldn’t finish or use in an impactful way. The last two year left me feeling lost and confused about who I was, what I believed, how I wanted to serve, and how to create meaning in my life. The program came into my life at the perfect time and it was exactly what I needed. I’m a completely different person now. I took the time with the material and my rebirth. I feel that I have found the light through the darkness. While I haven’t used the work yet to teach or host circles, it truly doesn’t matter. I know it was worth simply investing in me. I know my personal transformation has impacted my family, community, and work. I love that the program is focused on virtues, feelings and emotions. And that there is so much permission to move through hard emotions and darkness. 

– Melanie Toner, Life Coach + Yoga Teacher
Philadelphia, USA

Jill Bond

“I can’t believe this! The Universe is moving faster and I can hardly keep up! I also booked my first event! So many magical events brought me right into alignment this year and I’m so blessed to share your work. You’ve played a huge role in changing my life.” 

– Jill Bond, Entrepreneur 
Aylmer, Ontario, Canada

Alicia Preston

“Thank you for this heartfelt work. I used to work as a school educator in Ontario and your offerings work beautifully with the Mindful Kids Curriculum and self-regulation work I do with youth and educators.”

Alicia Preston, Mindfulness Coach 
Madoc, Ontario, Canada

Rebecca Wright

“When I joined, I was mainly concerned about the cost and whether I could afford it. I also questioned a bit whether I would feel like delivering the content was something I could do in a way that was authentic to me. Through taking this program, my life has changed massively, I have gone from being employed full-time as a primary school teacher (in a job where I loved the children, colleagues and idea of it…but in reality was killing my soul) to launching a business that is authentic to me, allows me to care for myself and family I am a solo parent to 4 children including a 7-year-old who has Down syndrome and suspected autism so requires a lot of care. He suffered a lot when I worked full-time and being able to be here for him and not killing myself in a job is priceless. Also, I have really stepped into sovereignty. I am able to be present and in my power as I make choices in a way I wasn’t able to previously. I’m making courageous choices about how I show up and not hiding who I am. Inside the program, I loved the facilitator training videos and I was blown away by the diversity training – so, so good! I would absolutely recommend the Heart Centered Leadership Program. It is a truly Heart Centered community, where every individual is valued and where you can find your people – diverse as we are, you show up at a live circle, look around and just feel…ah deep inner peace. I see us as bright points of heart light radiating out across the globe, each doing our own work, in our own ways. I have felt so incredibly supported as I am transitioning and setting up my business.”

Rebecca Wright, Intuitive Healer 
Durham, UK


“I will never forget the day I watched Danielle LaPorte speak about the Heart Centered Facilitator Program. I knew with all of my being that this was what I had been waiting for. Becoming a facilitator is helping me cure my deepest insecurity and make my wildest dreams possible. My knowingness has never been so strong.”

– Marah Hoegl, Heart Centered Leader

This exercise was mind blowing! I have struggled for so long trying to figure out why I don’t take up space, amplify my voice, express how I feel, not understanding why I felt stifled. I finally understand why I felt that way and why I am here in this training. Amazing. Thank you. I feel so encouraged to move forward!

– Kerri Widdup, Heart Centered Leader

“I feel so held, like Danielle and Team D have my back.” 

Ashley Yuan Hang, Heart Centered Leader

Being heart-centered gives me permission to be gentle, loving, kind, and respectful to myself and others. This program is a safe umbrella to become more of what I have always wanted to be but didn’t have the space to do it. I can picture Team D holding an umbrella over my head whenever I begin to doubt the process.”

Renee Tarantowski, Heart Centered Leader

“I am brought to tears as I read each lesson. This feels like home. Side note: I am not a crier. My heart found home.”

Cherie Schmidt, Heart Centered Leader

What does Heart Centered Leadership look like?

Stories from Leaders around the world on how they’re integrating this curriculum into their work…

Stacy Raye Kellogg
Life + Leadership Coach,
Athens, Georgia, USA

About Stacy…

Stacy has had a variety of roles in the nonprofit sector, corporate sector, and personal growth field. She’s worked with sexual assault survivors, prison inmates, individuals and families seeking affordable housing, people who were unemployed and under-employed, and even the author Mama Gena. 

Here’s how Stacy is using the Heart Centered Leadership Program…

“I work with deeply caring high achievers. (Most often women!) These folks are used to giving endlessly at work and home, therefore putting themselves last. Before clients work with me, they are often burnt out and overwhelmed. Their to-do list is a mile long and it only gets longer. Plus, they aren’t aligned with their values. When we are done working together, they walk away with a sense of aliveness in areas that used to feel stagnant and become unapologetic about prioritizing their own needs and dreams. Their newfound confidence sometimes leads to a different job or settling for relationships where they’re always the giver and never the receiver or sharing more of who they really are with the world. 

I love the Heart Centered Leadership Program because it’s wonderful to have an additional toolbox of resources, exercises, and visualizations to pull from. I think the way the program is set-up is really genius because, as a facilitator, I had the opportunity to learn and try on the practices that I would later on teach. Since I’ve used these tools as a participant first, I can speak to what transformation is on the other side. Because of the experiential training, online community of other Heart Centered Leaders, and Danielle and Team D’s steady encouragement and support, I felt very prepared by the time I started to share Heart Centered exercises with clients.

A few months ago, I led a “Choose Loving Thoughts” workshop and it felt so easy, fun, and joyful to deliver. This program is like sharing a gorgeous buffet of food with other people and it’s great because I’ve tasted all of the food already! And because the buffet is so plentiful, I love being able to offer different exercises to different clients or groups based on what they need at the time. 

I’ve been bringing these Heart Centered exercises to my six-month “Outgrow the Grind” Heart Centered Women’s Circle. In this circle, I’ve used the Ho’oponopono prayer, the Metta Bhavana prayer, and the Savasana exercise. When I’m on Zoom with these women, I can physically see how much more present, relaxed, and engaged they are after we do a Heart Centered exercise. Whatever they were coming from or whatever they’ll do after our time seems to disappear – their hearts are open and they’re ready to receive. 

In addition, I did the “Golden Child and Needy Child” exercise with a client privately and that opened something up new for her that even after over a year of coaching together, we could touch on. 

The Heart Centered exercises really enhance what I’m able to offer my clients. Plus, all of the content is already done for me! I don’t have to come up with an exercise or write the perfect visualization. I don’t have time for that and I don’t need to because I’m a Heart Centered leader! It’s great to be able to trust the program and know that clients are going to love the exercises we do together. 

I also love being able to ask the community of other Heart Centered leaders for ideas and know that Danielle and Team D are there to answer my questions or support me. 

The Monthly Business Circles have been a tremendous source of wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement too. I love having the opportunity to learn from Danielle, her team, and the many other Heart Centered leaders’ questions.”

Hans Hageman
Performance Coach + Social Entrepreneur
New York, USA

About Hans…
After college at Princeton and law school at Columbia University, Hans practiced law as a prosecutor and then as a public defender. He left the law practice and started independent schools in Harlem for children who were not successful in public school. 

Hans went on to lead other youth nonprofits in New York, Africa, and India. He was the executive director for Land to Learn, a garden-based education program for schools, and also created a gardening and yoga program for teen boys convicted of violent crimes in adult court. He’s the recipient of the Robin Hood Foundation Hero Award and the Essence Magazine Award.

Here’s how Hans is using the Heart Centered Leadership Program…

“In the program I created for incarcerated teen boys, the Heart Centered practices and breathwork we do together is about building routines into their everyday existence that enable them to connect inwards. By working with them, the teens admit to breathing through to their hearts. Plus, in their rooms at night when they are in pain, they are beginning to make the connection between their physical pain and their memories and traumas. 

It provides a wonderful basis to have conversations. To get them to connect their hearts can be a challenge and it takes a lot of work upfront. It’s hard to get them to understand that they have soft edges inside. Since they are in prison, they have a hard time visualizing their futures and our work together is about getting them to see their potential since they don’t have a lot of indicators showing a positive potential. We also work on building a mindfulness practice since they are locked in with their memories of what they’ve done to get there. They hold a lot of shame and regret for the crimes they have committed. So, we do visualizations of a safe place or what brings them joy.

Part of my goal is to change their vocabulary in our small group sessions. We can now use words like “heart,” “love,” and “shadow.” They might not use these words outside our sessions, but they use them with each other. The boys are now open to these Heart Centered conversations and their walls don’t go up. They still have certain defenses they need to survive in the jail system, but I’m helping them soften and open their hearts in situations where they can. 

My dream is that these boys can believe in the power of redemption. My goal is that these kids can show how far they’ve advanced in the communities they’ve placed themselves in after they’re released. 

The Heart Centered work for me is important because I am able to heal myself. If I’m not in control of my own issues and need for growth or I don’t have tools for that, then I can’t be of benefit to the people I work with. The Heart Centered Leadership materials are a part of the tool chest I have and they help me effect the change I’m hoping to bring. 

These are tools that are hard to find elsewhere since they allow my empathic nature to be shared in a genuine way. I want to think beyond the idea that resilience is about “getting tougher” and instead, think in a more regenerative way.”

Victoria Liu
Executive + Business Coach,
London, UK

About Victoria…
Victoria is a Cambridge trained and certified Master Executive Coach specializing in helping culturally diverse and high performing professionals in high-stress environments. 

Before becoming an executive coach, Victoria worked her way to the top of the UK financial services sector and became one of the youngest Chief of Staff and Deputy COO at a global investment bank. 

Here’s how Victoria is using the Heart Centered Leadership Program…

“I work with many minority, migrant, female professionals who were high achievers in their own country and for social-economic reasons, moved to new locations such as the UK, Asia, Europe, and America. They are usually business owners or executives. Most have young kids, husbands, and don’t have a support network. 

Clients come in saying: “I want to get promoted” but what they are really saying is: “I want to feel loved.” I help them go inward versus thinking “I need this accolade, fancy car, or house.” A lot of high performers are really hard on themselves. Working with them, I feel like a, “Lady Yoda.” 

When clients come to me, they feel stuck, frustrated, and confused about where to ask for help. They feel marginalized and ostracized for being different. They have a mega version of imposter syndrome since lots of it comes from intergenerational trauma. After working together, my clients have clarity, focus, and a plan forward.

With clients, I use the Heart Centered virtues to align them with their purpose and define their direction. Often, they feel stuck since they are misaligned. For example, if someone values clean living, they shouldn’t be working at a major tobacco company. It doesn’t matter if it’s an executive I’m working with, or an athlete, or solopreneur, they are all coming from a purpose-driven intention to positively impact the world. 

A specific client story I’d like to share is [about] a single mom who wanted a better life for her child. So, she moved [from Eastern Europe] to London, UK. She was struggling and applying for every job under the sun. Eventually, she got an entry-level corporate job which was nothing close to what she could do. 

Her parents said: “Keep your head down. You have a child. You can’t quit even if your boss is an asshole.” 7 years later, she was still working her butt off and continually asking for opportunities. She was passed over five times for a promotion. It was quite degrading for her. There was a clique of white men in the company who went golfing and she was never a part of it. She reached out to me and we worked on releasing the past, reframing her work experience, and releasing insecurities. 

When I started working with her, she was really bitter and angry. We worked on loving kindness, resilience, and finding her core desired feelings. Plus, we identified what talents she could turn into a side hustle. Now, she has an aligned income stream and is much better at speaking about her accomplishments. Since working with me, she’s had two promotions. She has more confidence, is happier at home, her child sees that she is happier, and is dating. She has really blossomed!”

Dr. Kate Hazlitt
Naturopathic Doctor (ND),
Goderich, Ontario, Canada

About Dr. Hazlitt…
Drawing from Naturopathic Medicine and compassionate inquiry, Dr. Kate Hazlitt is committed to creating a safe place for others to be seen, heard, and valued and to help people reconnect with the truth of who they are. 

She is the founder of Good Earth Naturopathic Centre. Dr. Kate Hazlitt graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology from The University of Western Ontario.

Here’s how Dr. Hazlitt is using the Heart Centered Leadership Program…

“I support women who are usually the head of their household and often teachers or health care workers who aim to be of service to others. When they come to me, they are usually hovering over a rock bottom. They are anxious, frustrated, exhausted, and depleted. They feel like they are coming up short in life and have the belief that they are not good enough. They think: “I’m not really thriving, but where do I go? There’s gotta be someone that gets it.” 

When we finish our work together, there’s an opening to possibility and they can access joy. My clients recover their life force and have increased energy. Plus, they can step into a sense of self, calm, and resilience. They are no longer “in the depths of despair” (as Anne of Green Gables would say!) 

There’s an integration of their whole being and their physical, mental, and emotional health. Physically, there’s resolution of symptoms as well. For example, their anxiety isn’t present anymore. 

Because all the Heart Centered exercises are about dissolving blocks and knowing that love is our true nature, it enhances my clients’ way of living. They have much more self-compassion and embrace a gentler attitude towards themselves. Plus, when you can open your heart to love and create a spiritual connection, the physical ailments sometimes end up working themselves out. This helps address the root of a lot dis-ease. 

Heart Centered perspectives address aspects of the bio-psycho-emotional and spiritual model of wellbeing. For example, one of my female clients has been seeing me for awhile and attending my retreats. She’s a single mom going through a divoice and custody battle. Through the work we’ve been able to do together, she’s created such a devotion to healing and finding gratitude. 

When my clients can see themselves with worthiness and compassion, it makes my heart sing. I feel like their shepherd or guide. That’s when I know we’ve done good work together.”

Arianna Pienaar
Holistic Coach,
Sydney, Australia

About Arianna…
Arianna has a masters degree in commerce, majoring in Human Resource Management. She climbed her way to the top of male dominated industries (back when feminine leadership wasn’t a thing).

For 10 years, she led Executive Teams and spearheaded Emotional Intelligence Leadership Campaigns with high level leaders.

Here’s how Ariana is using the Heart Centered Leadership Program…

“I work with women who are running their own business or looking to start one. Yet, they don’t want to hustle and grind. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to work hard to get their business off the ground, but they are the ones who have a genuine calling to serve. When they come to me, they are in the patriarchal mindset of “business has to be run this way,” or “my business strategy has to follow a certain way” and there’s no coloring outside the lines. 

The Heart Centered work helps them soften into their heart and feel what is best for them. Many of my clients are parents and mothers. I don’t have any kids myself, but I see the struggle they go through with the current global climate and political landscape. They often wonder: “Am I making the right decision?” 

This Heart Centered work changes their cells to the point where they trust more and they release the expectations that things need to be perfect and they need to figure it all out in life and business. These mums are looking to start their business or grow it, and this constant striving and perfectionism pushes them to burn out. By coming back to the heart, they meet the part of themselves that’s so afraid to get it wrong and the grip loosens. 

By the end of our sessions, it’s like a full nervous system reset for the client – they are softer, more genuine, nurturing, slower, kinder, and compassionate. All the virtues that we go through over a few weeks or months, they seem to embody them naturally over time without having to “do” anything. 

In terms of the transformations that I see with my clients, the feminine comes through (and not in a gender-specific way). They fill up their own cup first, become fully accepting of who they are, and they don’t try to put themselves into a mold. With my clients, the ROI has really been about self-nurturing. 

In terms of specific client transformations, one client became ready to launch her program. Another client was a new mom and was always in a rush with her business. She was like “I gotta get all this stuff done!” So, we slowed down to create a more wholesome product and launch so it’s more enticing. I’ve got another client that’s learned how to say no through working together – which is huge! Lastly, I’ve got another client that’s learned how to run her business as a business versus a hobby. 

The Heart Centered work has changed me first and foremost. Then from me, it flows out and changes my work and touches on the clients I work with. My personal relationships are better, I’m much more easy going, and don’t take things as seriously in a good way (not a pushover kind of way!). By teaching myself how to lessen guilt, live with more compassion, and have more forgiveness, that informes how I support others. 

My business has completely changed because of the Heart Centered work. I’m South African and I still have my fiery side, but there’s a lot more compassion and kindness now. I’m less on my soapbox. By calling on these virtues and embodying them myself, I can support my clients when they are living outside the softness and tenderness of the heartspace.”

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