I wanted to thank a few someones for holding me through some rough times. How could I show gratitude for their wisdom and stamina and insistent Love? How could I hail their SANITY? Everything I wanted to say seemed feeble and self-centric, because it wasn’t so much about how they’d saved me, or how their Love made my healing more possible, it was about the quality of their being. Who they were/are, and everything they’d gone through to earn the wisdom that they poured on me with such generosity.

Every healer has been wounded and initiated themselves with their own concoction. This is my gratitude for the one(s) who shared their supplies with me.

. . . . .

When someone gives you their medicine
first notice: how it smoothes your shattered edges.
Then: how they placed hope into you so precisely it seems that they brought it back from your future.
And the ultimate blessing: when they walk with you so steadily,
so full of Faith in your Life Force that they
re-set you to your original channel of Love.
They do not let you fall back asleep.
They remind you one more time and one more time and one more time that you belong and you are wanted and needed and you are God’s sunrise.
Their certainty is your restoration.

How can you thank another human for that Holy showing?
Your life is beyond words.
But now that you are stronger, reach deep into the natural order of things
and with your hewn respect
thank them for their own exquisite suffering.
Pay homage for the terror they wrestled into Grace
and the doubt they digested into crops of Blessings.
Thank them for the pain they churned with their mercy-begging for so very long.
Kiss their precious addiction on the mouth.
Look them in the eyes and thank them for
befriending the demons who live on the bridge to becoming The Blessed.
They’ve done the work, mortified and lost, maybe even more lost than you.

Be in awe.
Bow. And stay there long enough to see how
someone’s unearthed and cut jewel became your beautiful latitude.