Gentle Ones,

It’s too late in the day, too hot, too crowded, and a little too painful on the planet, to be focused solely on personal attainment. Manifestation is a technology, and like all technologies, I pray that we use it to generate more loving realities for ourselves and for each other.

There’s karma. There are soul agreements. There are restraints of culture—restraints that are just part of being on this planet in duality. Most manifestation workshops should be called “Manifestation: your chances are 50/50!”—but nobody would come. 

So thinking that we can create anything is actually a form of delusion that can lead to narcissism, disappointment and a continuation of striving. This is driven by the ego-self, your wounded-self. 

You can still reach for the dream job, the healthy bod’, and the love of your life. YES to miracles, they’re within our reach! YES to big dreams! YES to profound happiness + success! YES to vastly creating our reality. YES! You get to want what you want. Always. 

I’m saying: want all of those things, AND incorporate other people’s wellness in your vision. Pray that when you receive those things, it will make you more generous, more joyous, more healthy… more able to contribute to the collective happiness of everybody around you.

What you can manifest for sure—is a depth of fulfilment that comes from desiring higher. Your want for things like purposefulness, compassion, being of service and to just be whole. 

The universe doesn’t work for us. We’re in a relationship with it. We work with it. Manifesting is a dance, a give and take. Not, take-take-take. Don’t be bummed out. 

So… what if you actually cannot manifest anything you want? This is actually really good news that feels like bad news and is going to turn into your ultimate liberation and peace of mind. You get to be deeply, deeply happy. So what if you let love show you what to want?

This is an invitation for something deeper and unifying.

With Love,