I have been wanting to talk very specifically about the ego for a while… This is it. Helloooo, egooooo! 

Simple: the ego is the unhealed part of us. Or more succinctly, the ego is the way our unhealed self acts.

That’s it. We don’t have to banish it, mollify, or suppress it. Why would we?! The ego is our creation! It’s one of your thought babies. It’s just looking for love. And integration.

Here’s the big beautiful liberation concept: the gift of the ego is to show us who we truly are our Original Nature.

Once we understand that, we are going to glide through this lifetime instead of grind. 

This episode of With Love, Danielle is potentially one of the most useful I’ve ever done. And one of the many spiritual crib notes you’ll find in my How To Be Loving book. (Preee-order, baby.)

Always With Love,