Your old ways don’t work anymore and your new ways are in progress. In Psych 101 terms this is officially called, “The in-between.” The name is obvious, but its validation is comforting.

The in-between is uncomfortable and agitating. And slightly erotic—creative tension is like that. The polarities of what was and what could be, of holding your breath while you long to exhale.

The in-between is unavoidable on your way to fulfillment. Predictability and fixating on the past will not bring you to your inner peace and genuine power. You’re on the Hero’s Journey now, my love. You can’t run back to the safety (now a prison) of old structures. And straight ahead is a whole lot of darkness, with intermittent flashes of better ideas and possible outcomes.

You’ll grasp for something solid to hold onto. Call a psychic. Sleep with your ex. Take the dumb job. Go home for the holidays even though you’ve never travelled abroad. Some kinds of familiarity are truly nourishing. But in the in-between, clinging to what you thought was good for you just prolongs the confusion.

You’re becoming a new person and your evolving self requires new sources of refreshment… which take time to spring forth and seep into you.

You’re swimming in transformational liquid, that soupy caterpillar mush that becomes the spine of the butterfly. Hold on to Faith like the floatation device that it is. Stop flailing and try to float. Choose deep breathing over grasping. That’s the best (only) thing to do in the in-between—to foster Faith. That’s it. And if you’re short on Faith, ask your God to help you with it. It’s a fair request when you’re being reborn.

All Love,