The “Mother Wound” and the “Father Wound.” Loaded labels floating around the self-help circles. I have a suggestion… Let’s go deeper with this while respecting our experience, and not causing unnecessary harm to others.

The good news/bad news is that not all of our “stuff” comes from our parents. The good news/bad news is that there are plenty of potential sources for being neglected, invalidated, hurt. There are other feminine and masculine figures coming in and out of our lives that can do perceived damage to our own femininity and masculinity. There are past lives we’re still sorting out. And oppressive cultural messaging in this lifetime––the kind that toxic patriarchy specializes in.

How about this option? We have “yin/yang” or “feminine/masculine” wounding that we’re healing. It’s an important distinction to make because if we use this language of the Mother/Father Wound, we might be projecting gravity onto our family of origin—that they don’t deserve. It blocks forgiveness. And… we don’t want to perpetuate untruths. We want to be in the true reality of love.

Words matter. They can hurt, they can heal—in all directions.

With Love,